Interview With Joel Salatin: Why Should People Grow Their Own Food?

By James | GrowEverywhere on November 25, 2013

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of talking with Joel Salatin after his inspirational speech in at the annual Fort Collins Sustainable Living Fair. I asked him several questions about home food production in America. He shed some light on the reasons why people don’t grow their own food and how we can inspire each other into taking that first step towards taking food production into our own hands. Joel gives several examples of how literally anyone can grow their own food in order to supply organic food for EVERYONE with no need for ANY farmland. Prepare to be inspired… then hit play to watch the video below! No more excuses y’all, it’s time to take food independence back into our own hands and grow our OWN local organic food!

So what did you think?
What barriers do you see that keep people from growing their own food?
If you’ve already taken the plunge, what inspired you to start producing your own food?


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James runs the show here at Grow Everywhere. He's a permaculturist by training, but experiments with and develops any food growing method that guarantees boat loads of nutrient-dense food with minimal effort and resources.

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