693 Year Old Society Left Behind Code for “Autopilot Garden”

Start Using These Ancient Food Production Codes Today
To Transform Your Yard into an Edible Paradise (With Very Little Work).

Howdy there,

Let me ask you a question…

Would you like THESE homegrown goodies piled onto your kitchen table?

Did you say “YES”?

Well, I got good news (and some bad news).


If you LOVE harvesting your own pesticide-free food…

…you can “hire” Mother Nature to do most of the W.O.R.K. for you.

All you need is to follow this “abundance code” developed by ancient civilizations.

Sure, that might sound too good to be true.

However, I guarantee you…

The resurrected ancient gardening “code” you see on this page…

Will transform the way you grow food at home forever.

So, if you’d like to transform your yard from boring to bountiful.

Like this…
Image credit: fellow plant nerd Eric Toensmier

And if you’d LOVE harvesting nutrient-dense foods and medicines from your yard… 

Then let me ask you a question…

If Mother Nature will happily grow boatloads of food FOR YOU 
(with such little effort from you)…

Transform Your ENTIRE BACKYARD Into a Food & Medicine Producing Oasis


You might have a “nice” looking yard…

But, is costing you time and money in yard maintenance.

Mowing grass, weeding, and raking.

Wasting your precious weekends doing “yard work”.

Step 1:
You bust your butt… 

Step 2:
Your yard gives you jack squat in return!



The average home owner
blows $1,700 per year on yard maintenance.

Seriously? What for?

…to keep up with The Jones’?

…to please the almighty H.O.A. overlords?


Instead, you’re about to learn 3 Ancient “Food Production Codes” 
that give you a beautiful, self-managing yard… 

…that PRODUCES nutrient-dense superfoods for you.

And, yes.

You can still have a very attractive looking yard that keeps up with The Jones’ AND keeps you “compliant” with the H.O.A. if that makes you happy.

It ALSO produces amazing, nutrient-dense pesticide-free foods for you.

Allow myself to introduce… myself…

My name is James Fry.
Some call me the “Garden Alchemist”.

I dedicated the last decade of my life to the in-depth study of ancient cultures…

…and their food production practices.

Today, I lead in-person workshops and classes in Colorado…



And sometimes (when I’m lucky) I even teach in Brazil, Costa Rica, and Mexico.


So… you might ask:

Why did I make this my Life’s Work?

(here comes the bad news part)

Because Big Ag Corporations are literally killing us.

Food is their weapon.

GMOs. Pesticides. Chemicals. 

Anything to grow “food” for profit.

“But wait!”

“It causes cancer and destroys the planet!”

Meh. Who cares.

Newsflash, Monsanto: WE CARE!

That’s why I went on a journey to figure out:

How Can We Grow An Abundance Of Food
 100% Aligned With Nature?


Over the last 12+ years, I invested thousands in my education.

Both in classrooms training with Master Gardeners and farmers…

…and in the field, traveling to the jungles of Brazil and Costa Rica to research
and practice these ancient ways.

Bottom Line:

I’ve committed my LIFE to helping you…

Produce Maximum Yields with Minimal Time, Effort, and Money.


We gardeners have been mislead and misinformed about organic gardening!

We’ve actually had it DEAD WRONG for centuries.
(read the full history below)

Truth is, the ONLY way I’ve found that both:

1. Grows tons of nutrient-dense foods.

2. Uses zero pesticides, chemicals, etc.


3. Requires very little work AFTER you plant it…

…is the OLD WAY.

It’s a forgotten way, used by incredibly wise
indigenous people around the globe.

Here are just 3 of the “Abundance Codes” used by these smart folks.

There are dozens more “Codes” I will share with you later on (see below).

Modern Gardening Problem #1:
Crops You Plant and Harvest One Time.


Most gardeners are focused on one type of crop… 

And it seriously limits their production and growing season. 


What types of crops do you see on every gardening magazine cover?

What types of crops do you see at every farmers market?

Yes, what you see are
ALL annual crops.

“Annuals” are crops you plant once, you harvest once…

…winter kills them…

…and you have to start all over again next year! 

Stuff like tomatoes, corn, squash, beans etc. 
Guess what?
It’s Bass Ackwards.
This is the opposite of how ancient cultures produced food
thousands of years ago.
Why are modern day gardeners…

STILL Using European Farming Methods
That Led To Mass Starvation?!

When Europeans came to America they expected to find
the mild climate they were accustomed to growing in…
A climate that worked well for growing annual crops.
Instead, they encountered cold winters and dense forests.

And OMG get this…

They truly thought cutting down big trees would WARM UP the climate!
What, did they teleport to the future and chat with Al Gore?
And so, they cut down the forests to plow and practice the annual cropping that worked best in their homeland. 

Wow. Pure genius.

Obviously, it didn’t work.

Their crops failed. Winter came. They starved.

Then Native Americans saved their asses with a variety of their work-free crops.

Ever eat a Thanksgiving Dinner?

Welp, now ya know why that holiday exists.

As we SHOULD have learned from early European settlers…

If you don’t accurately time the planting – you’ll fail with ANNUAL crops.

No wonder gardeners race frantically to get crops in the ground.

Most end up with GREEN tomatoes when winter hits (if they get a harvest at all).

Now you wonder:

“OK James… what’s the solution?”

Ancient Gardening Code #1:
"Work-Free Cropping"

Crops you plant once, and harvest forever.

Ahh yes. The joys of “Work-Free Cropping”. 

It’s the exact opposite of how modern gardeners grow food.

Most ancient cultures did not waste their precious time planting and replanting annual crops like modern gardeners do.

Lemme tell you about the ancient Kalahari Bushmen.

They lived in one of the most arid deserts in the world.

And yet, they only spent 30% of their time on food production. 

The rest of their time was spent on leisure, visiting friends and family and fermenting their own alcohol to enjoy with relatives.
These desert dwellers ate well, and they loved to party!
How did they enjoy so much food abundance AND still have so much time for fun?
They leveraged the power of nature by finding a wild crop they enjoyed growing somewhere nearby. 

Next, they slightly modified the landscape to catch more water and helped the crop replicate more rapidly. 

Then, they left it alone and only came back when it was time to harvest.

They set it & forget it...
Until it 's time to eat!

Here’s ONE example of how I’m using this SAME technique in my yard
(and you can too):
This is called Jerusalem Artichoke. 
It tastes like a potato mixed 
with an artichoke. 
I planted it ONCE…
And thanks to Ancient Protocol #2 
I never water it.
And every year my little boy and I harvest and eat them! 

And, because I planted it in accordance with “The Abundance Code”…
I get a bigger and bigger harvest as time goes on.
When you harvest these root crops, be sure to never harvest more than 30% of the total root structure.
Over-harvesting reduces it’s growth rate.
Another great thing about this crop and dozens of others is they’ll grow rapidly in parts of your yard that aren’t well suited for growing the standard vegetables you’re used to.
I’m growing Jerusalem Artichoke in this spot. It’s wayyy too shady for tomatoes, squash, or beans.
And Jerusalem Artichoke is just ONE crop among over 103 delicious, zero-maintenance crops that grow like crazy in any North American yard.

Want This Friggin' Rad Gardening Book?


Today, I’d like to send you my radical book as a free gift…

It gives you all my favorite (and most delicious) Work-Free Crops. It’s a radical new way of growing food.

Scroll down for details on how to grab your copy! 

Yep, you read that right.

Many work-free crops also maximize un-usable garden spaces! 

They boost your total harvest by using the space you already have. 

Once you know the right ancient crops and how to plant them correctly… 

THAT’S when you see “The Abundance Code” working it’s magic on your yard.

Modern Gardening Problem #2:
Wasteful (and Stressful) Watering.

Most gardeners waste a HUGE amount of time and money on…


HOT summers hit and you gotta
water water WATER your veggies, fruit trees, and berry bushes… 

…to have ANY hope of  harvest. 

If you forget or don’t take time to water?

Your plants get parched, wilted, stressed… and this STRESS makes plants produce POOR harvests.

Sometimes it feels like this water job NEVER ends…

…so many gardeners throw in the shovel.

Sure you could set up an irrigation system (but it can cost thousands).

Well, guess what?

It is 100% possible to never water.

And still see your fruit trees and berry bushes HEAVILY loaded down with fruit…

← Like my peach tree here.

You just need to leverage
one very old strategy.

Here’s how it works…

Ancient Gardening Code #2:
"Wise Water Redirection"

How ancients thrived without hoses
watering cans, or irrigation.

Want a “rich” garden?

Well, we’re about to transform your yard into a BANK VAULT
for storing the world’s most precious asset:


Those goons at Wells Fargo are gonna be sooo jealous of your yard
when the apocalypse comes.


Thanks to wise-water-redirection…

Your fruiting trees, nut producing bushes, and even your vegetable plants can access ALL the water they need, whenever they need it.

This “water banking” strategy is not new. 

In fact, it’s over 693 years old.


The first people to practice this on a massive scale were the Aztecs.

They lived in Tenochtitlan, which is known as Mexico City today.

They would follow the topography of the land to see where rainfall wanted to accumulate, then plant crops accordingly.

Modern gardeners force their idea of where they want food to grow 
onto the land. 

This is the opposite of how the ancients did it.

The Aztecs watched where Mother Nature WANTED to send the water… 
and planted their gardens 
THERE instead. 

This simple decision allows you to…

Eliminate The Need For Watering,
Once Your Plants Are Established.

Today, the Aztecs are regarded by historians as THE most successful farmers
in human history.
And you can leverage their ancient water wisdom in your yard to produce
an abundance of food. 

Here’s a practical example of how anyone in any climate can wisely redirect water to create abundance.

My childhood friend Andy lives in the arid desert of Arizona… 

Take a short walk down the street and you’ll find this man growing juicy papayas
and other exotic fruits in abundance.

Now that his abundant foodscape is established he barely waters it. 

He’s not tugging around a hose.

He’s not filling up watering cans all day long.

He’s not wasting his precious life watering (like most gardeners do).

Wise Water Redirection is all about leveraging gravity to make water flow naturally to your veggies, fruit trees, and berry bushes…

With some strategic digging and plant placement, you’ve eliminated
the ENDLESS watering most gardeners endure.

Wanna Say BYE To Watering Forever?
(and still get great harvests)

Then you’ll dig this complimentary gift.

5 Day Edible Paradise Challenge gets you putting this ancient water-banking wisdom into ACTION this week.

Scroll down for details on how to get started! 

Ancient civilizations didn’t have watering cans, hoses, or irrigation tube.

So, they had to get CREATIVE.

They were equally clever when it came to building rich soils
(which is the SECRET to getting great yields and repelling pests)…


Modern gardeners are still clueless about this.

Modern Gardening Problem #3:
Sad Harvests & Pesky Pests

(all because of crappy SOIL!)

Alright my dirt-filled-fingernail friend… 

Let’s tackle something SO MANY gardeners struggle with…

It’s one of the FIRST questions my new students ask me…

“James, HOW On God’s Green Earthworm
Do I Get Rich, Fertile SOIL?!”

Modern gardeners often get poor harvests…

And pests devour their garden before they do! 

Fact is, BOTH problems start in your soil.

The truly sad part?

It’s simply because they don’t understand what soil actually is.

Most “mainstream” gardeners think you need fertilizers from the garden center.

That’s a myth.

Even advanced organic gardeners think they need “manure!” or “compost!”

Truth is, you don’t need to haul manure, or spend hundreds of $$$ on compost.

Mother Nature will build RICH soil for you. For free.


Lucky for us, the ancients held all the Codes.

Ancient Gardening Code #3:
The "Anti-Fertilizer Protocol"

Build amazing soil without hauling heaps
of expensive manure or compost...

Grab a towel to clean off your walls…
Because this is going to blow your mind.
Did you know, there are actually…

Plants That Pull Fertilizers From Thin Air
Anchoring Them Into The Soil?!

These very specific plants do this by capturing nitrogen from the air and storing it in their roots. 


When the plant gets cut or dies back, the roots also die back dropping nitrogen into your soil.


Really makes you wonder why you’d ever BUY fertilizer?

Ahem… can you say Big Ag Profits?

Side Note: 
There are also plants that send root systems DEEP down into the Earth.
They pull deep nutrients and minerals upward, making them available for other plants.
Nature = Genius
OK, here are my 3 favorite plants that create fertilizer out of thin air.
Write these down now so you can use them. 
1. Clover 
2. Cowpea
3. Hairy Vetch 

These plants are amazing soil builders.

They sprout quickly, getting to work for you building soil FAST.

These soil building plants, trees, and shrubs are the key to building rich healthy soil without needing to add manure or fertilizer each year.
 Here’s what my soil looks like thanks to these powerful plants
and these Ancient Soil Codes…

Notice the “cookie crumbles” these are a sign of high fertility.

I’ll show you why, later on.

 More importantly…

Here’s the bounty of PEARS I’m growing, thanks to this properly built soil.

Once you plant these soil-builders, they enrich your soil on 100% autopilot.

Do you know what this means?

Abundant fruiting growth year after year, without expensive chemical fertilizers from the garden store.


You’re saving serious BeetCoin thanks to this ancient practice.

Want my "cheat sheet" for choosing soil-building plants?

Then you’ll find this complimentary gift fruitful.

My Master Designer’s Plant Selection Palette
saves you YEARS of trial and error. Pick from 100+ of my tried and true soil-builders.

Scroll down to claim your copy! 

As you can see, when you learn and apply these Ancient Codes… 
You can enjoy an abundant landscape with very little effort compared to just having a regular garden plot crammed in the back corner of your yard.
In fact, many experienced gardeners lose interest in the old way of growing a vegetable garden once they see how much their Abundant Backyard Paradise produces and how little effort it requires.
Listen my dear greenthumb… 
I want YOU to have an incredible edible backyard oasis too.
That’s why…. 

I'm Hopping On A Plane
To Plant This Edible Paradise At Your House!

Juuuust kidding.
As much as I’d truly LOVE to help you one-on-one…
And as much FUN as that would be…
With installing these Abundant Backyard Paradises for so many clients…
My time is very limited. 

Plus, my one-on-one consulting would run you thousands of dollars. 

And most of my students aren’t ready for that (yet).
That’s why I’m going to show you step-by-step, exactly how you can create
this Garden of Eden for yourself.
And, that’s why I packed my years of experience into this epic training…

The Flame Keeper’s Abundance Code is a comprehensive training system
showing you step-by-step…

How to transform even the most boring, dry, backyard… 

…into a prolific food and medicine producing paradise. 

This training empowers you to quickly reach total food self-reliance. 

Harvesting Up to 90% of ALL Your Food
From Your Own Yard…
in as Little as 12 Months.

Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 10.07.02 PM

All you need is an average size yard and some dedication.


This requires you to TAKE ACTION outdoors to get your
Edible Backyard Paradise producing food on autopilot.

Simply owning this training doesn’t make your yard explode with fruit.

I wish it did. But, you actually have to DO STUFF.

(you’d be amazed how many people expect results without lifting a finger) 

However, I make it so friggin’ simple for you.

Simply follow exactly what I show you in each module.

Speaking of which… 

Here’s everything you’ll discover inside The Flame Keeper’s Abundance Code:

Module 1: Observation Phase

You might not realize…

Monsanto covertly brainwashed even the most well-intentioned gardeners into growing everything the HARD WAY!

Requiring more work, expensive fertilizers, and deadly pesticides.

These days… 

 Even organic gardeners wonder why it’s SO HARD to get great harvests 
and keep pests at bay.

Good news:

Module 1 “un-brainwashes” any “Mental RoundUp” from your brain. 

I’ll show you how to notice and leverage all the Hidden Patterns of Nature
for maximum harvests with minimal effort.

For example:

See this sunflower?

The spiral pattern allows the flower to hold exactly 271 seeds. 

It is THE most effective way to maximize space in center. 

If we had tried to organize the seeds in a grid in the same area…


We’d only be able to fit 100 seeds.

The spiral is 3 times more effective at utilizing space. 

Nature does this automatically because it’s smarter… 

…not just because God is a Sacred Geometry loving hippy 😉

What happens when you follow Nature’s hidden patterns in your garden?

You unlock the secret to you getting MORE harvest in LESS space…
…with less work. 

Module 2: Planning Phase

In Module 2, I’ll show you where to place each element of your Edible Backyard Paradise.

You’ll see some of the biggest mistakes gardeners when they try this without proper guidance… 

These early mistakes on where to place certain water harvesting, soil building, and food producing elements can spell failure for your edible paradise before you even get started.

Are you someone who feels like they…

“Don’t have enough time” to get something like this growing?

Don’t fret.

I’m giving you my Execution Matrix in Module 2… 

Use this to get your edible paradise organized
and planted with minimal time. 

Even if you’re a busy professional working 60 hours/week and raising children.

We’ll get this DONE together, lickity split!

Module 3: Water Harvesting

Module 3 is about the essence of life – Water.

Water is our most precious resource… 

And yet, in modern times we treat it like garbage, sending it far away with storm drains.

Module 3 is all about clever water harvesting techniques.

Why would you ever pay another dime to the utility company to water your gardens?!

Apply the secrets in Module 3, and you won’t have to.

You’re about to uncover an ancient method so effective at holding moisture…

It allows you to NEVER water your fruit trees and berry bushes
ven in long periods of drought).

Once you use this powerful water harvesting method… 

You never have to touch a hose to water your fruit trees and bushes…

And they will still be heavily loaded down with fruit at harvest time!

Plus, I show you Mother Nature’s sneaky way to store water for future use…

Allowing you to “hide” a backup water supply in plain sight!

And no… 

I’m NOT talking about rainwater barrels disguised as rocks, or dorky looking art.


This is MUCH easier and doesn’t require any expensive equipment. 

Nature provides this “storage service” free of charge.

Build a lifetime supply of pure, clean water to water plants… 

Quench the thirst of animals and humans… 

And even put out a raging wildfire… 

All for ZERO dollars.

Never paying the water company another penny for your food production needs.

It’s all inside Module 3 for you.

Module 4: Soil Building

Are you ready?

I’m about to reveal THE solution to the biggest problem gardeners are always frustrated with: 


How to quickly build rich and fertile soil!


If you were to read these six (super boring) soil science books…

…you might realize each book boils the “secret” of building amazing soil down into just two simple strategies.

These two simple methods rapidly transform even the most compacted hard dirt… 

Into fertile nutrient-rich soil that makes plants grow strong, yield heavily, and even helps them fend off pests.

Most gardeners think they need to spend hundreds of dollars on bags of potting soil or compost to be successful. 

That’s a myth!

Once you understand the symbiotic relationships between plants and microscopic life in the soil… 

Building soil is effortless. And fast. 

Speaking of which – look at this soil makeover.

^ that’s hard compacted dirt, transformed into rich black soil with
less than an HOUR of work.

This “code” gets you rapidly building soil effortlessly.

The best part? 

You don’t have to spend hours loosening up your soil with a pitchfork. 

You actually let nature do all the “digging” for you.

Sure, it takes a bit longer than just dumping hundreds of dollars worth of compost on top… 

But for about 5 bucks and some knowledge of “Nature’s Soil Codes” 

You’ll have the beginnings of soil many gardeners break their backs for YEARS cultivating…  

…in 6 weeks flat.

Your soil will only continue to become more and more fertile and rich with nutrients, for incredible harvests. 

Even if you grow dozens of different crops… 

As long as you continue to follow Nature’s Code for soil building,
your soil will not get depleted.

You’ll never add expensive fertilizers from Home Depot ever again. 

(By the way, those actually do more harm than good).

Module 5: Food & Medicine Production!

Finally, everything ties together in Module 5, the part you’re MOST excited about…

Food and medicine production!

This is where we select and PLANT your edible paradise!

This shows you exactly how we pile up your kitchen table with Mother Nature’s most potent natural medicines and nutrient-dense foods.

Like this:

Inside Module 5, I show you EXACTLY which plants help each other grow
for maximum abundance.

You’ll discover:

How to Grow 7x More... in the Same Space

Nature effortlessly packs
seven times more edible and medicinal crops into the SAME space.

Mother Nature developed this strategy over the course of millions of years.

Once you understand this 
“Stacking & Packing Code” you will effortlessly grow 7x MORE in the same amount of space.


How Plant Families Take the Work Off Your Hands...

Specific “Plant Families” help and support one another to boost fertility, save water, and fend off harmful pests.

When you organize it correctly, this “plant family” takes care of itself…

So you don’t have to.


135 Secret "Miner Plants" that Build Soil Fertility & Boost Harvests

I’m giving you my list of over 135 specific plants that harvest fertilizers from thin air. 

Here are 8 of them, to get you started.

These special plants deposit fertility down into your soil. 

Over time, you never have to buy fertilizers from the garden center again.

Gee whiz.

Who knew being a plant nerd could save you so much dough? 🤑

I’ll also show you unique plants actually mine nutrients from deep in the soil… 

…and share those nutrients with your fruit trees and berry bushes, getting
seriously juicy harvests for you.

How to Use "Plant Internet" to Fend Off Pests & Disease

Did you know plants actually have their own biologic communication network (like our Internet)?

Scientists have discovered this 
“Plant Internet” lets plants, trees, and bushes trade nutrients and water… 

Allowing them to remain healthy in times of drought and stress.

Plants access this underground “PlantNet” to warn each other about pests and to prepare their defenses!

Conventional farms growing with pesticides on dead soil have no PlanterNet. 


They don’t even have a dial up connection!

They killed it with chemicals. 

That’s one reason you see conventional farmers frantically spraying fields and orchards with so many deadly chemicals.

I’ll show you how you can easily establish this living biological communication system for your plants… 

Now your plants are happy, healthy, and all working together… 

Bringing YOU delicious nutrient-dense foods year after year… 

With a lot LESS work on your part.

It’s ALL here for you inside Module 5.

MY Mission:
Abundant Harvests At YOUR House...

Just imagine... THIS is your new food-producing, money-saving yard!

Listen, I am seriously invested in you transforming your yard into an abundant paradise, bursting with life and delicious foods.

Nothing lights me up more than seeing my students:

-Stumbling through the yard with armfuls of harvests,
dumping them onto the kitchen table…

-Their spouses eyes popping with disbelief… “YOU grew all this?!”

-Their kids jumping up and down actually EXCITED about fruits, veggies, and herbs.

That’s why I’m including a few free goodies with your Abundance Code training.
These help you transform your yard into an edible abundant oasis in record time.

Here's Everything Else You Get With
The Flame Keeper's Abundance Code:

GIFT #1:
103 Work Free Crops

Ancient Civilizations knew which crops required little work, but gave big harvests.

I’ve compiled 103 of these “Set it and Forget it” crops for you.

You’ve probably never heard of these delicious ancient crops.

And yet, they are literal life savers.

In fact…

Several of the crops found inside my book…

Are the exact foods indigenous guide,  Sacagawea showed Lewis and Clark when they made their expedition
across America.

The explorers confirm in their journals
from 1804…

Without the wisdom of the Native people and these very crops…
They certainly would have died.

You plant these amazing ancient crops in your yard once… 

Then your harvest and enjoy them for years to come.

When you register for The Abundance Code Training today, this unique booklet is my gift to you.

GIFT #2:
Master Designer's
Plant Selection Pallet

There are thousands of plants to choose from…

But only specific plants build soil, create fertility, and support your edible and medicinal plants for great harvests.

And because I wanna see your fruit trees and berry bushes heavily loaded 
down with delicious sweet fruits…

…I’m sending you my Master Designer’s Plant Selection Pallet.

It gives you my top 135 “Fertilizer Mining” plants. 

Simply plant them according to the Abundance Code to build soil, boost yields, and make your yard look beautiful too.

This digital booklet saves you YEARS of research and experimentation-
and it’s yours for a whopping $0 when you register for Abundance Code.

GIFT #3:
Edible Paradise 5 Day Challenge

This Challenge helps you put this training into practice.


By the end of this week, you’ll have completed five practical, hands-on activities out in your yard.

Each one takes under 30 minutes to complete…

And by the time you’re done?


You’ve just laid the essential foundation for years and years of successful harvests.

It’s already taking shape and you can almost taste the fruits of your labor.

Why am I giving you my 5 Day Edible Paradise Challenge for free?

Because I believe the WORST thing about most online training programs…

Is when teachers fill your head with a ton of theory… then cut you loose.

“Bye bye!”

Personally, I’m about simple, practical steps that produce REAL harvests.

This additional training helps you get each step of the process DONE lickity split.

Especially if you’re the type of person who often feels “too busy” to make time
for things that truly matter to you.

5 Day Edible Paradise Challenge gets the ball rolling for you this week.

GIFT #4:
Backyard Abundance Design Sessions

You might be wondering…

“But James… will this work FOR ME in MY yard?”

Short answer: Yes.

However, to make SURE you feel confident… 

I’m sending you 4 Pre-Recorded Backyard Abundance Design Sessions I did for four very different clients.
Inside, you get to see EXACTLY what I’d do in four diverse scenarios and climates. 

Together, we’ll plan out:

1. a small suburban yard

2. a large suburban yard

3. a rural farm property


4. a small urban home… that doesn’t even have a yard!

At least one of these examples will fit your unique situation.
Clients invest $250/hour for my consulting time – but you get these sessions for $0.
Be sure to register immediately for Abundance Code to get your hands on these.

GIFT #5:
"Ask James Anything" Garden Hours


How cool is this?

As a student of Abundance Code, you get to join me and your fellow Flame Keepers for my LIVE “ask James anything” sessions each week.

This means you get to:


-Have me show you EXACTLY what to do in YOUR yard.
(just send your address and we pull it up on Google Earth)

-Get inspired by your fellow Flame Keepers and their projects.

My hourly consultations start at $250/hour

However, when you register today, you get some of that time for just $0.

For this reason, keep in mind…

June 2023 Cohort is OPEN!

To maintain my sanity…

I’ll accept a maximum of 35 students per month.

I run this training in “cohorts” so each month we have a new group.

This is very important to keep everyone on the same page.

If you got an email about this, realize that 11,000+ other gardening addicts did too…

So, I strongly advise you to register ASAP by clicking the obnoxiously big orange button below to reserve your seat.

If you click and it says “REGISTRATION CLOSED” – sorry, you missed out.

OK, by now your only question is:

"What's The Investment
To Get The Flame Keeper's Abundance Code Training?"


I’ve boiled down YEARS of experience working in the field
into a SIMPLE methodology for you…

I pour my heart and soul into this work for my students…

It’s my livelihood and my Life’s Work… and I take it very seriously.

That’s why – simply put – my trainings are…

Not cheap.

For example…

Damian L. my student/client in Virginia

My client Damian in Afton, VA recently racked up a $7,630 bill with me for design and on-site implementation on his 5 acre farm property.

Of course, I saved him over $1,700 per year in yard maintenance costs…

And he’s reaping so much fruit, his freezers are stocked so FULL…
his family can’t eat it fast enough!

So, it was well worth his investment. 

Not to mention…

My students casually invest $1,000 for a weekend of in-depth training with me…

For them, they understand these 
VITAL skills could literally save your life one day.

That’s why…

Me giving my students a greenhouse class

I’ve decided to make the investment EQUAL to what it will save you in yard maintenance in one year…

That’s why the retail price is $1,700.

Considering this training can make you entirely food self-reliant…

Eventually eliminating most of your grocery costs, saving you thousands more…

…we can both agree $1,700 is a very a fair price.


Because it’s my mission to transform your yard into a food-dripping oasis…
and to make it as EASY as possible for you…

You won’t even need to invest HALF that to unlock The Abundance Code today.

Today, you can unlock The Abundance Code training…

…to start transforming your yard into a bountiful autopilot garden…

Like this…

…for a small fraction of the normal retail price. 

But only for a limited time.

You'll Transform Your Yard From Boring To Bountiful
Enjoying "Autopilot Harvests" Every Year For...

And guess what?

It gets better.

To make this abundant transformation even easier for you… 

I’m chopping your investment into three parts so you can start creating your thriving edible oasis today for…

Only $99

Click the button below and get access to The Flame Keeper’s Abundance Code Training before I shut down registration during this limited time release

…and the price goes back up to $1,700.

IMPORTANT NOTE before you join us:

I get it… you’re excited right now.

However, please do not order on impulse.

This is not a Snickers bar at the grocery checkout…

This is a training that will change your entire life, if you apply it.

And I’ve invested countless years of my Life Force preparing it for you.

That’s why all orders are final.

There are no refunds for this training.

If you’re serious about harvesting the wisdom of The Ancients…

And if you’re serious about transforming your yard into an abundant paradise…

Please do click the obnoxiously large orange button below.

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I’m so excited to see YOU with armfuls of nuts, berries, veggies, medicinal herbs, flowers and MORE. 

And, if you’re excited too – but your on the fence about the investment…

Let’s be real.

$99 is the cost of ONE dinner out with the family…

Yet, this training gives you the SKILL to produce unlimited dinners,
as long as you put it to use.

It’s like a Leprachaun’s pot of gold… 

You put in 1 gold piece, and out pops 10. 

Plus, with the way the world is looking…


With empty shelves in 2020…

GMO-Obsessed Kill Gates becoming the biggest owner of farmland in 2021…

Pouting Pootin cutting off 30% of the world’s grain supply in 2022…

And today, the highest food price inflation we’ve seen in 40 years…

Growing as much of your own food as possible for food security
and peace of mind… is a pretty darn good idea.


When I think of it like that… 

99 bucks to learn autopilot food production
 seems like a smart move to me!

But hey, I’ll let you be the judge.

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Yeah, I’m biased, but I think this training is the bees knees.

I’ve poured SO much into it for you.

That said…

Please DO NOT just take MY word for it.

Feast your eyes on the RESULTS my students are getting:

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Just imagine…

You step outside to relax in your hammock. 
First you have to empty it out because ripe fruits from a tree fell into it!
After relaxing for a few minutes, you get up to explore and find several bushes and a few other exotic fruits producing heavy yields, your mouth starts to water because in just a few days you’ll be eating them!
While everyone else in your neighborhood is wondering why they can’t get a simple kale plant to grow, you’re harvesting greens, herbs, and edible flowers for salads or smoothies. 
You’re harvesting high-value crops that can be made into essential oils and medicinal teas for everyday use and people who pass by wondering HOW on Earth you transformed your yard into such an oasis of production.
You have plenty of “self-storing” root crops that you can harvest even in the dead of winter without needing a root cellar.
There are SO MANY flowers blooming throughout the year, you’re cutting fresh flowers providing vibrant beauty and a welcoming atmosphere to your home.
Doesn’t it sound magical?

It is. 

And you’re one click away from making it a REALITY at your house.

Click the button below register for The Flame Keeper’s Abundance Code before I close registration for this cohort…

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It’s my mission in life to empower you to grow an abundance of food with minimal effort. 

I’m so excited to see you living with an abundant autopilot oasis at your fingertips. 
I’ll see you on the next page!

Keep growing,