Refund Policy

At Grow Everywhere LLC we go above and beyond to deliver high quality training material and to make sure our clients are satisfied with the quality of training and physical products they receive.

However, you’re fully protected by a 100% money-back return policy for a full 30 days in many cases and a full 60 days in some cases depending on the Refund Policy for each individual training product or service.

Revolution Garden Mastery System

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee for Revolution Garden Mastery System. If the customer received a physical manual with their purchase, Grow Everywhere requires it be returned to their Boulder, CO warehouse before the refund is issued (customer pays return shipping). Please email our support team to initiate your refund within 30 days following purchase. Please see the “Disputes” section below for more information.

Revolution Garden Grand Master Kit

Grow Everywhere offers a 60-day money back guarantee for Kits. Kits returned to the Boulder, CO warehouse will incur a minimum restocking fee of $15 for labor and shipping/packing materials. Returns of physical items will be verified for quality. Any damaged or missing items will have their associated costs reduced from the total refund amount. Customer pays return shipping. Please email our support team to initiate your refund within 60 days following purchase.

Master Gardeners Club/Flame Keeper Society Subscription

Customers can join, cancel, or pause their subscription to Master Gardeners Club at any time. Please reach out to customer support to join, pause, or cancel your subscription. Members who pause or cancel will instantly lose access to the private Facebook group/Flame Keeper digital trainings. A customer has 7 full days after their most recent billing to receive a full refund of that billing cycle when they pause or cancel their subscription. Prior months of subscription membership are not eligible for refunds, as they are considered actively utilized while current.

Other Courses and Services:

Grow Everywhere houses and releases a number of other training products and services. Each individual training product/service has its own refund policy. Refund Policies are described in detail before checkout, and must be agreed to by the customer in order to successfully check out and purchase. Please take note of the refund policy of each course or service you purchase, and if you are ever unsure of the refund policy of a course or service you purchased, please inquire with our support team.


Disputes through your Credit Card, Paypal or Stripe are never acceptable.

We take Disputes very seriously, as they create a negative reputation for our business, and are costly and time-consuming to manage.

If you are within your refund period for any of our products or services, please reach out to support so we can process your refund.

If you are noticing a charge on your account from Grow Everywhere that you are unsure of, please reach out to support so we can resolve the issue.

If you dispute any Grow Everywhere charges without first contacting our support team, you will no longer be eligible for a refund on said purchase (due to the extra fees we accrue, and the time-consuming nature of disputes).

If a customer files a Dispute against Grow Everywhere through their Credit Card, Paypal, or Stripe, we hold the right respond in the following ways:

  • cancel customer’s Grow Everywhere account
  • revoke privileges to Grow Everywhere courses
  • block any future purchases through Grow Everywhere

Again, there is never a reason to Dispute, as our customer support is available to resolve any issues.

Contacting Grow Everywhere LLC For Refund/Inquiries:

Email your refund requests and inquiries to with a brief explanation as to why you’re requesting a refund. This helps us continuously improve to satisfy you and other customers.


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