Discover the OTHER "climate change" you won't hear on the news and...

Exactly How I’m Creating “Brazil in my Backyard”
To Prepare For The

Coldest, Darkest, Longest WINTERS in 232 Years!

You watch snow falling outside…

Hear wind howling…

See trees frozen, branches covered in ice…

Your poor garden (your happy place) now crushed under a sheet of white snow.

Last year, you counted down the days- depressed and desperate for Spring.

This year?

You’re swaying in your hammock…

Sweet smelling exotic plants, spices, and flowers flood your nose!

Sun floods the glass, warming your heart and soul.

Read a book, take a nap, stretch out like a cat, harvest greens and herbs.

Whatever you like.
It’s YOUR tropical Sanctuary away from Old Man Winter.

Oh. May I make a suggestion?

Pluck Yourself A Ripe Banana And EAT It…
WHILE You Watch Snow Fall Outside!


You didn’t fly to Hawaii, then hop on a Zoom call with some poor soul stuck in Michigan.


You Are Hanging Out (Literally) in YOUR Own Tropical Backyard!

THIS is what it’s like when you have your own “Brazil in your Backyard”.

Me? I love Brazil.

In my 20s, I lived there for two years. It still holds a special place in my heart.

Now, given I might never be allowed to travel there EVER again
(details below)…

I’m creating MY OWN jungle paradise, here in my Colorado backyard (which is about to get hammered with snow).

And YOU can create the same thing for yourself. 

I’ll show you how. Step-by-step.

Think about it…

You have a mini jungle oasis BURSTING with life – fruits, vegetables, herbs, medicinals and exotic plants of your choosing – all in the DEAD of the coldest winter your bones have ever felt.

Oh yeah. I’ll give you more scientific detail on the DARKEST, most frigid winters in 230 years coming to Earth in a moment.

For now…

If having a private jungle oasis sounds mildly interesting to you…

Or, if you’ve always DREAMED of enjoying a tropical sanctuary bursting with fruits…

Or, if you’re just DEAD serious about food security and want maximum food production year-round…

Then You’ll Want To Sit Back, Relax…
And Read The Rest Of This Message Immediately.


After 10 years of greenhouse research, building, and management…

I’m revealing the most cutting-edge ZERO ENERGY cold-climate growing solutions.

And this message will help you understand WHY (if you’re serious about growing food) you’ll want to take what I’ve written on this page very seriously.

Here’s the scoop:

Anyone can slap together a greenhouse from Harbor Freight.

Anyone can throw plastic over a PVC pipe frame.

Do that, and you’ll spend a fortune pumping it full of heat 24/7.

And then, one cold night, your plants will freeze to death anyway.

(Ask me how I know!)

The reality is…

It takes MASTERY to secure year-round food production in cold climates…

…it’s extremely important (even life saving) given the COLD winters coming our way.

And it takes MASTERY to create a lush tropical edible paradise in your backyard.

You can’t just cobble it together. Trust me, I’ve tried.

If you’re serious about having a jungle sanctuary, or simply growing food in the next 30 years, mark my words, you will need:

3 Cutting-Edge “Season Extension Structures”
That Grow For You Year-Round!

Each of these three methods I’m showing you uses ZERO grid electricity to warm it. 

Yes, it depends 100% on the power of our glorious SUN to produce the most ABSURD variety of foods, herbs, and even tropical fruits for you YEAR-ROUND…

…even if you live in frigid Canada or icy Alaska.

Of course, you might wonder…

“James, WHY are you suddenly telling me I must become obsessively laser focused
on extending my growing season?”

Well, frankly, there are serious weather changes coming that gardeners, farmers (and anyone who eats food) need to be ready for.

And no, it’s not the “global warming” everyone’s been panicking about.

Truth is…

Soon Our Globe Will Turn ICE COLD

Al Gore warned us about “global warming” in his 2006 film; An Inconvenient Truth.

Too bad his inconvenient truth was only a HALF truth.

No, I’m not just a MAGA hat wearing “climate denier”.

Al was wrong about which WAY the temperature would go!

YES, we’re seeing record HOT temperatures in the summer.

And while “global warming” might be happening in some already hot areas.

The problem is:

It doesn’t STAY warm in the winter!

Quite the opposite, actually…

Last year, Texans got a cold slap in the face.

Austin, TX: 

It’s one of the warmest cities in America.

Historically, the lowest it ever gets in Austin is 41F.
It never freezes.

Last February, it got SO COLD they had pipes freeze and burst!

Sure enough, NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) released data revealing it was a “record breaking deep freeze” all over Texas.

Overall, the US had the coldest February in 30 years!

No. This isn’t a winter fluke.

It is a downward-spiralling TREND.

Scientists confirm; winters are getting COLDER (not warmer).

In fact, for the next 30 years we could be facing the…

COLDEST and LONGEST Winters in 232 Years

This cooling trend is already hurting farmers and gardeners around the globe.

2017: French growers predict the lowest wine production in 50 years.

Wait… Snow in Mexico?

2018: Mexican and Texan farmers freak out, losing entire squash crops to the worst frost they’ve ever seen.

From the above article:

“Even as far south as Mexico, cold temperatures, hard freezes and even rare snow events have farmers scrambling for ways to keep their fields warm and winter vegetable plants alive.”

Snow in southern Mexico, eh?

Sure sounds like “global warming” to me! 😂

Oddly, this has nothing to do with volcanoes, cow farts, cars, or carbon dioxide at all.

In fact, it has NOTHING to do with Earth!

This is a natural 230 year CYCLE related to the SUN called:

“The Grand Solar Minimum”
(Nope, Not A Conspiracy Theory)

Back in 1789, there was this little blip on the historic radar called:
The French Revolution.

The French peasantry was pissed because of bread shortages.

Remember The Queen of France Marie Antoinette?

She’s famously quoted as saying “Let zem eat cake!”

This was in response to one of her advisers pleading:

“Madam, lé peoples, zay are starving! Zay haz no breadz to eat!”

(don’t I have a great French accent?!)

For the French, bread was a staple food.

Croissant, Baguette, Brioche. They LIVED on the stuff (and they still do).

But, it wasn’t economics or political BS causing the bread shortage.

It was a legitimate agriculture problem.

They had a mass GRAIN shortage caused by the COLDEST and WETTEST weather over long periods of time Europe had ever seen.

Turns out, it was a natural and predictable cycle of the SUN.

See, the sun is like a passionate, yet finicky lover.

Sometimes she’s HOT and sometimes she’s, well… not so hot.

Here’s what solar “mood swings” look like from year 1600 to today:

Notice the downward trend we’re on?

Huh. Looks like French Revolution times.

According to smart ultra-geeky climate scientists…

…History is about to repeat itself.

After an intense HOT period, we’re now entering a very cold time.

So cold, in fact…

Scientists Predict Winters Could Feel Like
A “Mini Ice Age”
From 2025 to 2053!

This might be hard to believe after hearing so much about “global warming” for the last twenty years.

However, climatologists and weather scientists agree: We will see severe global cooling… at least during winter time.

And this “weather meteor” will slam right into agriculture and global food supply.

Deep scientific analysis explains the dire urgency of this event for agriculture, food supply, and even home gardeners like you and me.

^^^ in this study published in the Scientific Journal: Temperature – this climate scientist warns us:

“The reduction of a terrestrial temperature during the next 30 years can have important implications for different parts of the planet on growing vegetation, agriculture, food supplies, and heating needs in both Northern and Southern hemispheres.

This global cooling during the upcoming grand solar minimum 1 (2020–2053)… would require inter-government efforts to tackle problems with heat and food supplies for the whole population of the Earth.

Of course, many will trust Google, do a quick search for “grand solar minimum” and quickly write this off as a “Conspiracy Theory!!!”.

Because NASA tried to debunk it, saying “there’s no mini-ice age coming”.

And yet, NASA contradicts themselves in almost every article they publish.

NASA Tosses GSM Aside As “Conspiracy Theory”…
Then Admits They’re Excited About It!

Lost in their excitement about future space exploration, NASA spills the beans that the next solar cycle will be:

“The weakest of the last 200 years.” 


Supposedly, this reduced solar radiation makes space travel easier.

Sadly, down here on earth where it matters, it makes food production exponentially harder.

Difficult, to the point of many areas seeing even MORE food shortage.

Which is hard to fathom considering millions in India and African countries today are already facing starvation from supply chain issues and other COVID induced challenges.

Another article published in the Journal Of Space Weather reveals space monkeys are pretty excited about the Grand Solar Minimum.

The first line of their article states:

“Recent solar conditions indicate a persistent decline in solar activity—possibly similar to the past solar grand minima.”

We have compelling science from hundreds of climate scientists warning:

This global cooling crisis MUST NOT be ignored.

Bottom Line:

Whether “climate change” is actually caused by cow farts and cars…

Or if it’s all geo-engineering…

Or if Mother Earth is just mad as hell and ready for revenge…

One thing IS for sure.

It’s time for farmers, gardeners, or anyone serious about growing ANY amount of food to get ready for…


Because they’re a comin’.

Scientists warn this could impact global food supply for the next 30 years.

And we Flame Keepers, gardeners, and those of us serious about growing food AT ALL need to prepare ASAP.

SMARTEST WAY to get ready?

Build a zero-energy greenhouse or “mini-greenhouse” in your backyard.

It grows food 365 days per year for you.

It gives you a beautiful sanctuary to hide from harsh Old Man Winter on bone-chilling days.

Build it the way I show you, and it lasts the rest of your LIFE…

(or at least until 2053 when the Grand Solar Minimum melts away).

Just imagine it…

It’s snowing out. Cold. Wet. Ugh. Gross.


It’s warm and slightly humid. You smell lemon and orange blossoms blooming.

Soon the fruits are dripping off your trees.

Harvest strawberries, greens, and root crops EVERYDAY.

They grow 365 days for you now.

No waiting months and months to plant and finally get back to your garden.

It’s there for you all year round.

Of course…

You could get this cheap-o greenhouse kit from Harbor Freight.

But, there’s a BIG problem.

Notice how it has glass on ALL SIDES?

← This greenhouse is colder than Marie Antoinette’s heart.

And it requires TONS of heat and power to keep it warm.

MAJOR design flaw!

This design is from the year 1599. 

Needless to say, greenhouse design has come A LONG way since then.

You could also build a greenhouse out of PVC and plastic.

I’ve done BOTH, so let me share my results:

The Harbor Freight greenhouse needed a heater 24/7. My heat bill was SKY HIGH!

The PVC + plastic greenhouse?

Not only did it need 24/7 heat, and barely could keep grass alive, but it was…

The Biggest Winter Tumble Weed
You’ve Ever Seen!

Yep. It blew away and I’m lucky it didn’t blow into the road and kill someone.

Bottom Line:

Don’t waste your time or money with cheap greenhouses.

They’re more headache than they’re worth.

If you’re serious about preparing for the coldest winters we’ve seen in 230 years, growing amazing nutrient-dense foods year-round…

I recommend THREE zero-energy season extension solutions.

One is a greenhouse.

Two are “mini-greenhouses” you can pull off for a fraction of the cost of a greenhouse.

Sound interesting?

Then you might consider the enrolling in my training that helps you MASTER season extension, showing you exactly how to create this magical “Brazil in your backyard” to grow tons of food and escape winter (details below).


If you don’t care about the shortest growing seasons in American history…

And if you’re not too concerned about growing food…

What about just traveling to a warm place to get a break from winter?

It’s time you ask yourself this question:

Do You Eat Food?


Well, it would be a very wise idea to consider learning how to grow year-round…

Or at least extend your season as long as possible.

And here’s how you do that…

The Lost Season 

Year-Round Growing Online Training!

This in-depth season extension online training is the result of my 10+ year obsession with greenhouses and cold climate growing.

During this 5 module video training, you’ll discover THE most effective methods for 100% solar heated greenhouses (and mini-greenhouses) on earth.

Here’s everything you’ll have MASTERED once you complete this training:

→ The Secret Mechanisms That Make This 3,000sqft “Colorado Tropical” Greenhouse Grow! 

During a recent in-person Lost Season Masterclass, I showed my students the specific mechanisms that make this banana producing paradise possible… in Colorado.

Just imagine you’re surrounded by…

Lush green growth, warm air, and smells of flowering exotic trees and bushes.

THIS is what it’s like inside your edible winter sanctuary.

THIS is what you can look forward to.

You’ll also discover…

→ Exactly how to design the PERFECT greenhouse that heats itself, cools itself, and waters itself for you on near “autopilot”.

Bananas in Colorado?

Papayas in Canada?

All with zero electricity or dirty fossil fuels required.

Yep! It’s a thing.

Not ready to build a full-sized tropical sanctuary? 

Don’t worry, because…

Even If You Have A Small Garden
You Can Grow Year-Round!

Relax. Take a breath. 

Because you don’t need to build a full-size greenhouse.

You can start small and still extend your season in your existing garden.

Because I’m going to show you…

→ How to BUILD a “Heat Harvesting” Mini-Greenhouse, Step-By-Step.

Take a deep breath (LOL).

You don’t need to build a 3,000sqft paradise!

I’ll show you how to start small and still harvest through winter and fall. 

If you apply the SAME zero-energy principles I show you in The Lost Season…

You’ll be shocked how much you can harvest from this dirt-cheap, 3 by 8 foot “mini-greenhouse”.

→ My Unique “Season Extension Optimization” Framework

Most greenhouse educators just pump random info into your head and say “good luck”!

Me? I’ve boiled down year-round growing success into three simple principles for you.

Master all three and you can grow bananas in Alaska. Boom. Done.

→ Why 90% of Backyard Greenhouses FAIL Miserably.

Wasted time, money, and effort.

Discover why most gardeners insist on using season extension ideas from the mid 1700s.

Worse, this terrible advice is found in modern day books many gardeners swear by!

We’re in the 21st century folks. 

It’s time to use our BRAINS and start using low-cost greenhouses that produce food year-round, off-grid, with zero electricity.

→ Discover the “Gem Of The Andes” for Cold-Climate Food Production.

Found hidden in the mountains of Peru…

This clever, dirt-cheap little season extension method gets you growing year-round with very little work and little to no money.

You can put one together in 30 minutes.
(I show you how in a 
special “bonus” demonstration video in The Lost Season training).

And no, it’s NOT the “Walipini” greenhouse design misguided gardeners are so obsessed with.

It’s easier, safer, and MUCH more effective.

→ How to Avoid The Greenhouse “Time-Waster Calculation From Hell”

Many “expert” greenhouse designers insist on tormenting newbie students with this complex calculation

I’ll explain exactly why you should
NOT LISTEN to these greenhouse nerds, who, for some reason, are hell-bent on making your greenhouse an architectural nightmare.

Instead, I’ll show you how SIMPLE(!) it actually is to calculate all the sizes necessary for maximum production and temperature stability in your jungle paradise.

→ How to Leverage Something I Call “Greenhouse Pest Velcro”!

Learn all about a plant that pests and bugs love so much, nasty bugs and pests flock to it like zombies to a pile of fresh brains.

The bugs COVER this plant, and could care less about all your other plants. 

Your other delicious crops are left alone, free to thrive and grow like crazy.

→ Discover which SPECIFIC plants and trees you should select for your greenhouse or mini-greenhouse.

There are certain plants you should wait at least 6 months to a YEAR to plant… unless you want them covered with a fluffy white blanket of aphids, spider mites, or powdery mildew.

Meanwhile, some plants don’t belong in your greenhouse – EVER.

Many “experts” would never dream of “wasting” greenhouse space with the weird plants I use, however, they are essential for the success of your winter jungle.

Besides, they look beautiful.

With the mastery you gain from The Lost Season Online Training…

You create your own slice of tropical paradise…

Just dream of it now – soon you’re growing incredible exotic fruits…

Or you’re simply tending a massive, year-round garden.

Abundance keeps gushing from your yard – even in the winter.

It will take some work, and some investment to get your jungle sanctuary going.

Finally, once it’s ready, you’ll wanna jump for joy and…

You Just Escaped The COLDEST Winters
For The Next 30 Years

Thanks to your new-found knowledge, harsh long winters with no garden, and no fresh foods, and no where to enjoy LUSH nature are a thing of the past for you.

You’re kicking back in your hammock and enjoying the abundance only a year-round solar greenhouse (or mini-greenhouse) can give you.

By now, the only thing you’re wondering is…

“James, What’s The Investment
To Master Year-Round Growing 

With The Lost Season Digital Training?”

First, ask yourself…

What’s it worth to grow food year-round?

Extending your growing season = more food security.

You have peace of mind knowing you’ll eat well…
no matter what happens next in this crazy azz world.

What’s having your own private tropical oasis in your backyard worth?

For me, it’s priceless.

And for a few lucky students, it was worth the $1,000 tuition
(plus travel to Colorado) to learn with me in-person.

Of course, you should weigh your options for other greenhouse classes too…

You might have seen other greenhouse educators online…

If so, you know they charge an arm and a leg for digital trainings.

Some ask up to $2,000 for their ONLINE course!

To me, I think that’s a rip off.

That’s why I lowered the retail price for The Lost Season online training to $299.


Because I go above and beyond for my most committed students…

I’m giving my Master Gardeners Club members a smokin’ hot deal and
slashing a whopping 67% OFF the retail price!

One Time Investment Of:


Master Gardeners Club Members Only
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Just 99 Bucks!

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Master Gardeners Club!

What The Heck is Master Gardeners Club?
It’s our private group where you can get ALL your growing questions answered.
Join here first if you wanna grow big, and save big on Grow Everywhere trainings.

Ready to get a jump on the growing season?

Ready to create YOUR year-round jungle oasis in your backyard?

Click the obnoxiously large orange button ^^^ above and I’ll show you how step-by-step.

Let’s Be Real…

Lost Season Only “Costs” $99 but….
Gives You Thousands of Dollars in FREE Food.

Let me put it this way:

Lost Season is probably the smartest investment for any gardener, farmer, or anyone who eats food.

So, if you’re breatharian close this page now.
This is not for you!

Lost Season keeps you growing food year round…

….for a price of a big box of frozen burritos.

Personally, I think it’s coolest the deal of the century.

But hey, I’m biased… so I’ll let you be the judge.

Mr. Frozen Burrito

Join us inside Lost Season and start growing an abundant garden year-round.

One Time Investment Of:


Master Gardeners Club Members Only
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Claim your access to Lost Season with the magic button above, and as always…

Keep growing,


James Fry
Founder and Chief Flame Keeper