Here's How My
"Tiny Green Monster Machine"

Cranks Out Double Harvests
In Half The Time...

(without any silly raised beds!)


Hey, it’s James here.

Yeah, I get it… a “tiny green  monster” powered garden sounds silly…

And yet, tiny green monsters are why my basil grows 4 times larger than normal…

My mustard greens are like rainforest leaves twice the size of my head…


My “finger radishes”
grow 6 times larger
than normal…

They grew about 3 times faster

And they still have that delicious bite you expect from a garden fresh radish.

Now, watch how much FASTER friendly tiny green monsters made my crops grow.

This is what it looks like 1 week after planting…


In 3 weeks it already looks like this…

And in just 6 weeks total…

I have a thriving jungle of 100% chemical free… Nutrient-dense vegetables to harvest, year-round.


And tiny green monsters don’t just make leafy greens overflow from your garden bed…


My student Shannon from Oregon wanted to grow the ultimate calorie-dense survival food…Corn.

The package said she should expect a harvest in to 80 days…


And guess what?…

The Tiny Green Monsters gave Shannon explosive growth and a full harvest in just 44 days.


That’s nearly HALF the time.

Personally, I think that’s pretty amazing.

Shannon also planted onions.

Normally, a good onion is about 
the size of a tennis ball, right?


Well, here’s her daughter holding an onion the size of her noggin…


All thanks to – you guessed it – the tiny green monsters.


If you want to harvest DOUBLE the crops with HALF the effort…

Instead of gambling away your precious time and energy with the typical garden most gardeners out there are struggling with…

Then you’re probably going to get very excited about tiny green monsters.

Here’s why…

Tiny Green Monsters Work HARD...
So You Don't Have To!

See, because tiny green monsters deliver optimal nutrition and water to your plants…

You get DOUBLE the yield with HALF the effort compared to the boring…

Raised-bed gardens, hydroponics set-ups, and aquaponics systems most frustrated gardeners out there are needlessly struggling with.

OK, before I show you exactly HOW I get my crops growing so abundantly…  

Let’s talk about…

The Elephant Garlic In The Room...

After seeing all these pictures, you might be thinking…

“James, this all sounds and looks a little… too good to be true!”

listen, I get it…

Sadly, there are so many dishonest people out there on the internet these days, not to mention “Fake News”.

That’s why I felt it was important to give you my 100% honest explanation as to WHY my growing method works so well…

Plus, in a minute you’re going to meet some of my successful students who were super skeptical when they first saw my results…

And now they’re the ones sending ME unbelievable before and after garden pics!

This method grows robust, strong, plants extremely fast because…

I Actually Did Totally
Re-Invent The Wheel!

If you want growth like this using my method, you will have to be open to trying something completely new and different.


Because my garden uses 3 specific layers inside (which I’ll show you later on) you will need to assemble this unique garden of garden from the ground up with a few specific materials. So...


This powerful food production method requires about twice the assembly time and about 22% higher materials cost than the average raised bed.

You can’t simply sprinkle my concepts onto your existing garden like salt and pepper and hope it will work. If you’ve built some good soil over the years, don’t worry, you can definitely incorporate that.

However, you will have to assemble a new garden bed if you want double the yields with half the effort like me and my students are getting.

If you’re one of those “instant gratification” types and putting in a little upfront W.O.R.K to get these mouth-watering, jaw-dropping results at your house sounds like too much…

Then maybe this ain’t for you after all? ain’t for you after all?

On the other hand, if growing DOUBLE the food with HALF the effort in a way that leverages the wisdom of nature so you can work less gets you really excited…

Then get ready...

Because some of the growing secrets I’m about to reveal on this page are sure to blow your mind.

Think of your transition to using THIS growing method like so...

It’s like you’re switching from driving a horse drawn carriage… to driving an electric car. You get from A to B much faster and more efficiently because you’re now doing it in a totally different WAY.

Personally, I think the shocking armfuls of veggies you’re pulling out of your new garden are totally worth doing things a little differently, but I’ll let you be the judge.


Sadly, the majority of gardeners out there are “A-OK” wasting their precious time on…

Endless back-breaking weeding


Constant daily watering
Sometimes watering multiple times per day on hot days.

They constantly combat pests with various “organic sprays”

Nothing really seems to work long term…


Not even a blend of black pepper and unicorn poop!

The bugs just eat everything they worked so hard to grow.

Luckily, because the tiny green monster machine leverages the GENIUS of Mother Nature...

It eliminates all those pesky time-consuming frustrations most gardeners wrestle with while giving you epic yields.

Truth is…

At the end of the growing season many gardeners look down at a poor harvest and secretly wonder...

“Was ANY of this WORK even worth it?”

Unfortunately, there’s an army of these sad, frustrated gardeners who scratch their heads asking WHY their garden won’t just GROW!

Well, guess what?

There is a much easier and far more productive way.

The growing method you’re about to discover will consistently put...

Nutrient-Dense Food, Bursting With Life
On YOUR Table...
No Matter What Happens Next in This Crazy World.

The “Tiny Green Monsters” are giving them insane yields...

With zero weed pulling...

Minimal pest battles...

And you only have to water about once a month (that sounds crazy, I know).

That’s because it uses a whopping 99% less water by recycling the water continuously.

Again, this is NOT hydroponics or aquaponics (Thank God!)

The growing method you’re about to discover is way waaay more effective than both those methods combined.

I should know…

I taught aquaponics and hydroponics classes for over five years...


Until one day...

My head exploded with the mind-blowing growing power of...


By now you’re probably wondering...

"James… What ARE these tiny green monsters?!

Tell me what the frickin’ things ARE already!"

Haha, sorry about that.

I just wanted to make sure you were paying attention...

Because this is information you need to have IF you’re serious about growing an abundance of clean, nutrient-dense food for you and your family, year-round.

What I refer to as tiny green monsters are actually a thriving colony of specific beneficial microorganisms.


It’s crucial to have billions of these specific microorganisms in your garden...

Because they break down nutrients to deliver optimal nutrition and moisture directly to the roots of your plants.

And the LACK of these microorganisms is actually the main reason why so many...

Frustrated Gardeners
From The "Starving Gardener Army"
Are On Their Knees...

Pleading with their plants to...

"Please... Just... GROW!"

This thriving colony of tiny green monsters is the secret to why my garden grows so abundantly… producing delicious food 3x faster than the average garden.


It took me years to figure out how to maximize tiny green monsters to get these jaw-dropping yields

Then finally, after 5 years of expensive experimentation and trial and error

After messing with raised-beds, hydroponics, and over-complicated aquaponics set ups

I created THE surefire, foolproof way

To set up a tiny green monster powered JUNGLE of nutrient-dense food for my family.

I call it...

The Revolution Garden Method

Here’s how it works...

Tiny Green Monster Step #1:
Optimal Soil Moisture

The first reason this garden method grows so abundantly in just 6 weeks is because…

I’ve created optimal soil moisture.

I did this by creating an “automatic flood and drain zone” at the bottom of my garden.

This creates optimal moisture for both plant roots…

And the specific colonies of tiny green monster microbes to thrive and replicate.

Because the tiny green monster microbes are now thriving, they help deliver nutrients directly to the roots of your crops.

Making them grow 3 times faster.

Wanna know the best part?

I only have to water my Revolution Garden ONCE a month thanks to this automatic watering zone.

OK. I know once a month sounds hard to believe…

However, this is totally possible because the garden recycles the water for me, saving me hours of precious time.

No more waking up in the middle of the night thinking…

“SH*T did I water this afternoon?”

And no more stressed out wilted plants on hot days.

Tiny Green Monster Step #2:
Soil Stacking

The next reason why my Revolution Garden is producing mustard greens twice the size of my head so prolifically…

Is because I’m using a special “soil stacking method” where my tiny green monster microbes thrive and weeds cannot survive.

The reason for this is because weeds usually pop up in two types of soil…

Either soil that’s too compacted or soil that’s too loose and sandy.

For example…

Plants with shallow root systems (like sour grass) grow in loose soil.


Their root systems fan out like a big old lunch lady hair net...

Their job is to try and keep loose soils from eroding.

That’s the REAL reason why you see sour grass & crab grass growing on recently aerated lawns.

Meanwhile, weeds like thistles grow tall and have long taproots
That penetrate down deep into the soil.


These weeds grow in densely compacted soil and their roots help break it apart.

I don’t know about you…

Personally, I wanted ZERO weeds to pull in my garden…

That’s why I use what I call “Stacked Soil” that’s not too loose, not too hard, and also forces the roots of my plants…

To branch out like a spider web… Instead of going straight down.

This causes them to create 10 times more tiny root endings…

Now they can uptake nutrients with much greater efficiency.

That’s why I get radishes 6x larger than average!


And it’s why my student Shannon is getting corn in 44 days instead of 80.


Today, I’m liberated from the endless tugging at weeds that most gardeners are exhausted and fed up with.

Instead, my garden is growing lush, green, and ginormous…

Because there are no weeds to choke them out or steal their nutrients.

Instead of weeding I’m spending most of my garden time kicking back…

And enjoying the beauty and abundance of my garden…

Harvesting my favorite fruits, vegetables, herbs, and medicinals whenever I feel like it.

And you can look forward to these same results…

As soon as you start applying this method at your house.


Tiny Green Monster Step #3:
Optimal Nutrient-Profile

Finally, the reason why Revolution Garden cranks out nutrient-dense veggies for you…

Without any pests problems is because the tiny green monsters help your plants thrive the most

When you have an “Optimal Nutrient-Profile” available to your plants.

Turns out, pests and diseases typically attack nutrient-deficient plants.

It’s just like when you don’t get proper nutrition your immune system gets lowered and bugs attack you making you sick.

It works the same way with plants, which is why it’s critical that your plants have PERFECT nutrition.

You’ll notice for example that my collard greens and cauliflower plants produce their own white layer of protective wax…


This acts as their shield against pests and disease.

So you won’t see this protective layer on nutrient-deficient plants.

When your plants are given this Proper Nutrient Profile coupled with the help of the tiny green monster microbes…

The cells of the plant are able to replicate properly, creating whole, nutrient-dense foods…

Just like this kale here, doesn’t that look beautiful and perfect?


While I might be famous for creating The Revolution Garden Method, at the end of the day, I’m just a concerned dad.

I want my son to have the cleanest, nutrient-dense food possible.

Today, I feel sense of accomplishment knowing that I produce 100% CLEAN, nutrient-dense food for him to grow big, strong, and happy.


By now you’re probably wondering how you can get your own insanely productive Revolution Garden…

Growing DOUBLE the veggies for you with HALF the effort at your house, right?


The Revolution Garden Mastery System!


I’ve combined all of my years and experience ever since I was 5 years old gardening with dad…

And finally developed something completely unique that I call…

The Revolution Garden Mastery Manual.

The Revolution Garden Mastery Manual hands you my exact process for growing DOUBLE the food with HALF the effort…

By showing you step-by-step how to set up a thriving garden full of tiny green monster microbes.

Here’s what you’ll discover as you turn the pages of this step-by-step manual:

Flip to Lesson 1...

This is where I show you how to establish the “Automatic Self-Watering Zone” in your Revolution Garden.

Once you dial this in properly, your plants will grow on 100% autopilot and you’re only watering your garden about once a month.

You’ll have to think of what else you’ll do with your time now that you’re not watering your garden multiple times per day!

Maybe you’re just enjoying the beauty and abundance of your garden more often?

Personally, that’s my favorite thing to do these days.

In Lesson 2...

I show you my simple technique for optimizing your growth throughout the season.

It doesn’t matter what climate you live in…

Your Revolution Garden is growing abundantly for you now that you’ve optimized with this simple tweak.

Remember, you can grow indoors OR outdoors using this method.

So you be sure to expect abundant harvests, year-round… no matter where you live.

In Lesson 3...

You’ll discover the magic of the “Root Web” Method.

This is the secret sauce that makes your garden grow 3x times more abundant than the typical garden…

Remember how much you harvested from your garden last year?

Now imagine DOUBLE that amount.

That’s what my “root web method” does for you when you apply it correctly.

Pretty amazing, right? Also in Lesson 3 you’ll learn all about what I call “Root Zone Hacking”. This is what gets your plants to naturally want to grow large and produce abundantly…

In Lesson 4...

You’ll get my “Nutrient Infusion Technique”.

Plants LOVE this amazing, dirt-cheap organic fertilizer.

It only costs about 25 cents but will dramatically boost the growth of every one of your fruits, vegetables, and medicinal plants.

I’m talking about the very SAME dirt cheap, 100% organic fertilizer that makes my mustard greens grow bigger than my head…

And helps Shannon get armfuls of delicious sweet corn in half the time from seed to harvest…


I’ll show you exactly where to find it, and how to properly apply it.

HINT: it’s not manure…

And you won’t find it sold at Home Depot, or Tractor Supply, or any local gardening store.

Also in Lesson 4 I’ll show you the “Nutrient Density Linchpin”

This determines how nutrient-dense your plants will be.

If you don’t learn this and keep an eye on it, your plants WILL be nutrient deficient, lack flavor and even attract pests.

In Lesson 6...

We dive deep on the soil biology that makes your plants uptake nutrients effectively…

I show you where to obtain the specific types of tiny green monster microbes…

That guarantee the incredible growth of your favorite fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

You just need to make sure they properly establish their colonies inside your garden before you start growing your plants.

Of course, this mastery manual would not be complete without a…

Step-By-Step Walkthrough
To Year-Round Abundant Harvests!

Showing you exactly how to set up your garden so you and your family can enjoy tons of nutrient-dense foods at a moment’s notice.

That’s why I made sure to insert my step-by-step system assembly guides into your manual.

These give you exact instructions and material lists for setting up your Revolution Garden perfectly the first time.

I take you by the hand and we assemble your Revolution Garden together.

You know you’ve done it perfectly the first time.

Forget about taking multiple trips to the hardware store wasting time because you forgot something.

I’m saving you precious hours of your life by walking you through this process one step at a time…


Inside, I show you how to set up 2 options…

You can have an indoor garden, which is very fast to set up.


Or an outdoor version made of attractive looking wood.

Please note:

Revolution Garden takes a bit longer to set up than a typical raised bed...

And the materials do cost a bit more than a raised bed…

Just remember, it produces DOUBLE the veggies in HALF the time and you only water it once a month.

And is guaranteed to produce an abundance of food for decades.

My students have found these mind-blowing yields to be worth the extra upfront investment...

But hey, I’ll let you be the judge. OK?


Remember, I’m giving you access to the SAME Mastery Manual I give my students, so you can it print out and hold it in your hands.

I’ve carefully created this full-color manual so that a 10 year old could follow the instructions…

To quickly MASTER my insanely productive growing technique.

This is NOT a hastily edited YouTube video or cheesy online course.

This is the very SAME Mastery Manual I hand my students during my 2 day in-person Master Class.

Except you don’t need to invest the full 2-day tuition…

You don’t need to travel…

You don’t need to book a hotel…

Or take time off work or away from your family...

I’m sending the Mastery Manual directly to your email so you can set up your jungle...
(I mean garden!) ...the moment you hold your Revolution Garden Mastery Manual in your hands.

I get it, you’re excited right now!


Before I let you click the button below to grab your Revolution Garden Mastery Manual...

I wanted to give you a few more goodies that are giving my other students some pretty CRAZY yields.

I know these will get you enjoying MUCH better harvests.

Free Gift #1:


First, I’m letting you in on one of my little secrets to generating vibrant, nutrient-dense crops in any garden.

It’s my video training called Alchemic Free Fertilizer.

This training walks you through my recipe for creating a microbial rich compost brew that makes your plants grow like crazy.

All from free ingredients you might already have lying around your yard or garage.

You can apply this in your Revolution Garden for increased growth rates…

Use it on your favorite trees or bushes in your yard to make your flowers more fragrant…

Or to get your fruit trees or berry bushes heavily loaded down with fruit.


Free Gift #2:


Also, I want you to increase your production by extending your growing season.

Inside Simple Season Extension you’ll discover a few creative and inexpensive ways to add additional months to your growing season.

This goes WAY beyond just simple hoop houses made of plastic.

You’ll learn a technique so effective…

People use it to grow tropical fruit like pineapples in harsh winter climates.

No matter what climate you’re growing in…

Whether HOT dry desert, or ICE cold winter…

This training keeps you growing strong throughout your seasons without needing an expensive greenhouse.

This training is normally $37…

But because I want to see you with a big smile, holding armfuls of veggies year-round…

It’s my free gift to you when you invest in your Revolution Garden Mastery Manual right now.

Revolution Garden Mastery System
Might Not Be Available Soon...


Because I’m a one man band here in Colorado.

When you get access to your Manual, you get the option to ask me questions…

This means I have dozens of people asking my questions all the time… and there are only so many students I can handle at once.

If you’re reading this page, registration is currently OPEN

But, the moment I feel overwhelmed… I will CLOSE REGISTRATION.

Here’s the truth:

People saw NAKED and empty grocery shelves in 2020

That has made the demand for this information is extremely high right now.

Today, you’re getting access to:

The complete Revolution Garden Mastery Manual that straps a green thumb onto your hand.

The Master Class tuition is normally $500 for the weekend.

My Alchemic Free Fertilizer Training – Normally priced at $37 yours free.

My Simple Season Extension Training – Normally priced at $37 yours free.


Of course, the only way to access this information before was to fly Colorado:
That costs on average $250.

Get a hotel in my town for 3 nights:
That costs around $600

Plus a rental car:
That rolls around $200.

In total you’d have to invest $1,624 to get access to this training that gives you the vital skill of growing insanely abundant harvests of food for the rest of your life

And honestly, when you consider that your Revolution Garden will save you thousands of dollars on groceries every year…

And you own the skill of producing nutrient-dense food for your family…

A skill no one can take from you…

A skill you can pass on to your children…

And a skill that will keep you well-fed until the day you drop dead…

You can probably agree…

 would be a reasonable investment, right?

Luckily, you don’t need to invest 1600 bucks…

Not even 500 bucks…

In fact, not even half that to get your hands on my Mastery System.

Today you get your Revolution Garden Mastery System, the bonus trainings, without even leaving the house…

for just 97 bucks!


Call me dedicated to my mission, or just call me crazy…

Because when you consider 97 bucks will barely you ONE measly dinner out with the family…

And consider that 97 bucks is just 26 cents per day over the course of the year…
The price of a stick of gum…


You can probably see why this is one of those “no brainer” investments.

Both financially, to save big on your grocery bill…

And for your health, by giving your body pristine, nutrient-dense veggies you simply cannot find at the grocery store.

OK, if you’re ready to start harvesting DOUBLE the food from your garden with HALF the effort…

Click the button below now order your
Revolution Garden Mastery System before it's too late...

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Digital + Physical Delivery

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YES! Give Me Food Abundance!

Yes, I personally guarantee Revolution Garden will work for you, but...

Take My Word For It!

Meet your fellow Revolution Gardeners and see their amazing results.

"I'm a terrible gardener... and LOOK at this!"

Meet Garret T. from Utah.

Revolution Garden brought Garret from “terrible gardener” town to the double harvest promised land!

"The lettuce, you can't even keep up with eating it!
Everything is growing like crazy...

Meet Kristen from the Pacific Northwest.
She’s got all her favorites growing “pretty crazy”. She can hardly keep up with the lettuce it’s growing so fast.

"Tomatoes growing through the roof!"

Meet Oliver from South Africa.

He admits he’s “no gardener” but Revolution Garden has tomatoes growing through the roof of his greenhouse anyway.


Revolution Garden works even if you have a “black thumb”. 

Join our tribe of growers today.

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YES! Give Me Food Abundance!

Feeling ambitious?

Scott Olner gives me a run for MY money with his MASSIVE Revolution Garden indoor mini-farm!

Get a load of this…

"Worth much more than he charges for it...
It empowers people to take care of their food supply."

Meet Scott Olner.

He put Revolution Garden to the test…

And looks like it earned an A+
Check out his amazing indoor mini-farm!

"I was blown away...
Look at this spinach leaf... it's like one meal!"

Meet Erik in Oregon.
He was blown away by his huge hand-sized spinach leaves.

His regular garden the spinach was tiny. In Revolution Garden, it’s massive… and clearly, delicious too.

"This thing just EXPLODES with abundance...
I haven't gone to the grocery store in two months."

Meet Chris from São Paulo, Brazil.

He filmed this while under quarantine and was enjoying having his very own organic grocery store in his garage.

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Digital + Physical Delivery

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Need even more proof that Revolution Garden
will work for you?

Sure thing.

"It is just growing like CRAZY!
We have a very short growing season so I appreciate this."

Meet Christina B. from New England.

She loves how Revolution Garden rapid growth packs as many harvests as possible into her short growing season.

"The radishes were the largest I have ever grown."

Meet Harold Stark from California.

Living in drought-struck California, Harold’s well was was drying up!

Revolution Garden to the rescue with 90% water savings AND massive harvests. Go Harold!

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Picture this

1. You’ve eliminated the endless back-breaking weeding

2. You’re only watering your garden ONCE a month…

3. You’ve kissed those frustrating pest battles goodbye…

Instead, you’re spending time
enjoying your beautiful, bountiful Revolution Garden.

You’re sharing your bounty with friends and family!


Look, I know many of the before and after pictures you’ve seen here today might still seem too good to be true…

And you might even doubt you can pull this off at your house…

That’s why I’m happy to…

100% Guarantee This WILL Work For You!

If you go through your Revolution Garden Mastery System and do exactly as I say…

Setting up your Revolution Garden properly and for some crazy reason you don’t get the incredible yields like you’ve seen from me and my students…

Simply send back your manual and I will refund your investment 100%…

No questions asked, and we can still be friends!

Sound good?


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Some people have a few additional questions so I’ll answer those in a moment…

And if you’re excited and you’re ready for massive gardening success

Here’s what I’d like you to do…

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Again, my name is James Fry.

It’s my mission in life to start a food revolution…

By giving you double the yields with less effort at your house.


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OK, if you’re still on the fence…

I want to remind you of a couple bonus goodies I’m sending you today.

If you sign up in the next 30 minutes

I’ll know you’re committed to being part of the solution
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That’s why I’m willing to go above and beyond for you
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If you order your Revolution Garden Mastery Manual right now...

I will send you 1 billion tiny green monsters
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The Ultimate "Cheat Code" To Amazing Yields!

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One more IMPORTANT thing:

I have a strict limit on the number of people I’ll send the manual to each week.


Because I give you the option to ask questions when you get your manual.

And because it’s still just me here answering everyone’s questions all by myself…

I have to keep a strict limit on my number of students right now.

Thanks for your understanding.

So if you’re excited about getting incredible yields with your Revolution Garden…

You might seriously consider grabbing your Mastery System right now.

Before I get too many requests…

And I’m forced to shut this page down until I expand my capacity to handle all the questions flooding in.


I’ve shown you the incredible yields The Revolution Garden and your tiny green monsters give you.

I’ve shown you a few of my students who are inspired, excited, and already reaping incredible harvests from their Revolution Garden.

I guarantee your satisfaction and EPIC yields when you follow this training system.

If it doesn’t work for you for some crazy reason...

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Digital + Physical Delivery

Instant Lifetime Access And Physical Copies Mailed to Your Doorstep!

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