Interview With Joel Salatin: Why Should People Grow Their Own Food?

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of talking with Joel Salatin after his inspirational speech in at the annual Fort Collins Sustainable Living Fair. I asked him several questions about home food production in America. He shed some light on the reasons why people don’t grow their own food and how we can inspire each other into taking that first step towards taking food production into our own hands. Joel gives several […]

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Mission Accomplished: First Aquaponics System in Earthship Installed!

I first learned about the Earthship concept when I was in middle school. It made perfect sense to me and really appealed to my practicality. Little did I know I would be building Earthships one day… Before attending the Earthship Academy this summer I did a great deal of research on Earthships. I read every publication I could find and watched virtually every video I could find on YouTube. Out of all the videos […]

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Reaching food autonomy… in his swimming pool!

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I was back in Arizona and had the great opportunity to stop by the Garden Pool and interview the creator Dennis McClung. In the interview I ask him a few questions about what inspired the Garden Pool, how much time he invests in it and what he is able to produce from it. In summary, Dennis tells us how his pool to farm conversion was inexpensive, didn’t take much time […]

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Interview with Geoff Lawton: Can Aquaponics Be Part of Permaculture?

I was recently in Melbourne Australia to do a PDC with Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton. Here is a short interview I did with Geoff Lawton, master permaculturist and founder of the Permaculture Research Institute (PRI), Australia. In the video I ask him three important questions on how aquaponics relates to permaculture and how the two disciplines are related. We also had a special guest, Latifa Enjoy the video, and let me know what […]

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Sahib’s Place Back of Office Aquaponic Farm

                    My first aquaponic visit was with Sahib at his back-of-office-yard aquaponic farm where he incorporated not just one aquaponic technique but ALL of them. His goal was to show that all growing methods in aquaponics and soil growing need to work together to provide the maximum benefit and NOT ONE SINGLE technique will be a sustainable solution on it’s own. He is very wise […]

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TCLynx Aquaponic Homestead

This Aquaponic micro-farm was a really inspiring place to visit. I unfortunately arrived a little bit late to the tour and had to stay late to ask more questions.                       At TC’s place, I learned a few new things about horticulture including what a luffa is. To my surprise, a luffa is actually a hanging vining plant that grows large pods that look similar […]

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Upcoming Chicken Coop Building Workshop!

Come build this chicken coop! Next week I will be leading an Earthship style building workshop here in Boulder. We will build a rad looking chicken coop out of bottles, cans, and tires using some of the skills I learned at Earthship Biotecture in Taos NM. If you or anyone you know is interested in having the best free eggs every single day in your own backyard or interested in building beautiful structures out […]

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