Behind the Greens…

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By: James Fry
June 22, 2015

Howdy there!

This is quick “Behind the Greens” video I did for Aquaponics Success Formula Members Only so you can see just what you can expect from even a small system (Add-a-Ponics Basic shown here).


As always, ask questions below if you have them!

Behind the Greens…

3 thoughts on “Behind the Greens…

  1. Hi James, I attended Earthship academy, May 2017, you gave a lecture on Permaponics, do you have a manual on how to set it up at home? I’m moving to Minnesotta and would like to set one up in my apt. So I can grow greens all year round. Thanks, Jill

  2. Hi, How to I become a member? I heard you on the Marjory Wildcraft’s Home Grown Food Summit yesterday and am interested in growing food here in NC. I have pots only at present as land in not available to me currently. I’m pretty much a novice but am loving what I’ve already planted this past month. Thank you for your information and your dedication to making our earth a greener and friendlier place to live! – Ann

    1. Hey Ann, Such a pleasure!
      Great to hear from you and sorry for the delay in my reply.
      If you see this reply, can you reach out to my support guys for help to see what best fits your needs? Thanks!

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June 22, 2015



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