We’ll Revolutionize Farming While We’re At It…

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By: James Fry
June 22, 2022

Well ladies and gents, looks like we’re not just revolutionizing home food production…

We’re taking it FARM sized too!

Not me personally, though. I’m just consulting and helping when I can…

It’s my friends Azuraye and Charles of Yellow Barn Farm in Colorado.

They’re putting my water-saving, double-yield growing method to the test for intensive annual vegetable farming.

And they are 80% finished with this MASSIVE farm-scale Revolution Garden.

Watch the video where I tour you through this 70 foot long greenhouse with 7 massive farm-scale Revolution Garden beds.

The growth from this thing is gonna be off the charts.

Luckily, the farm already has existing customers lining up to buy the produce.

They’re gonna need it!

Anyway, I hope this update video inspires you to get your garden thriving, or expand your existing garden for more.

You’ve got the knowledge.

Just need to put it in practice.

Keep growing,


P.S. What’s Revolution Garden?

Glad you asked.

It’s my crazy growing invention that grows like… well… crazy.

Double veggies. Half the time. And with 90% less water.
No, it’s not hydroponics or aquaponics. (whew, thank goodness.)

Learn more about it here.

We’ll Revolutionize Farming While We’re At It…

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June 22, 2022

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