Aquaponics Conference Day 1: Aquaponic Farm Tour

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By: James Fry
September 21, 2011

–This post was written on September 16th but didn’t make it to the blog until today–

WOW! What a day. The day was packed with Aquaponics and isn’t even over yet.
I’m sitting in a great little coffee shop with a conscious mission in Winter Garden¬† FL which happens to sit under one of the most epic rooftop Aquaponic greenhouses in the country (see below).

Kiddie pools make simple yet effective aquaponic growbeds

Despite a plethora of less than ideal conditions (including: getting up earlier than usual, driving for several hours, paying dollar after dollar on toll roads, getting lost in rural Florida and getting locked inside an elevator for a little while, yes I really did get locked in an elevator) the things I saw and learned today were worth it!

Today I visited 3 Aquaponic farms which I have listed below. There is a lot to say about each one so please click through to the link to read about each one, it’s well worth it.


Sahib’s Place: A fully integrated approach to Aquaponics using ALL growing techniques and not just one.




Finished Luffa, skinned, cleaned and hung to dry


TC Lynx Aquaponic Homestead: A little farm using multiple aquaponic techniques to grow a variety of plants.





Green Sky Growers EPIC Rooftop Operation: A very high tech Aquaponics operation on the roof of a downtown building.




Each one of these farms has it’s own flare and again, I highly recommend you read about each one and leave your comments on this post about which one you liked most. Anyone else out there have an aquaponics system that you want to share on this blog? Please do contact us if you do.

Much fish-poo love,


Aquaponics Conference Day 1: Aquaponic Farm Tour

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September 21, 2011

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