Empty Shelves… Here To Stay?

Did this happen to you?

I went into my local store and the shelves were…


Food GONE. Toilet paper GONE. Shelves totally stripped down naked.

There were 3 packs of sausage left… 

…normally there are 300.

I had heard of these things happening in “3rd World” countries like Venezuela… but NEVER in the United States of ‘Murica.

So tell me…

How Did You Feel When You Saw Empty Shelves? 



Maybe even…

Righteous? (“told you our food system is unsustainable!”)

I did.

Naked shelves were pretty unsettling… but oddly… 

They are NOT even the weirdest part of the story! 

See, I spoke to the grocery store manager to investigate…

I asked him when he thought they’d replenish their stock.

And what he said next made me very uncomfortable.

He said:

“I Have No Problem Restocking Next Week… It’s 7 Months From Now I’m Worried About!”

At first, I was confused…

Then I remembered everything I know about our industrialized, “on-demand” food system

Here’s the thing:

It would appear “The Rona” (coronavirus) broke our food system.

Truth is… it was already broken!

And based on my research… 

We could be in for a couple very rocky years in regards to food.

These potential food struggles ahead are due to a perfect storm.

It’s the combination of many factors, but mostly these two:

1. Big Ag’s Big Deception

2. “Rona” Related Supply Shocks

From what I’m seeing…

Our broken food system will not adapt well to what’s coming next.

That’s why WE need to adapt first… because things COULD get ugly.

Let me explain why NOW you need to be extremely aware of issues around food security, food availability, and of course, producing your own food supply at home.

And besides… 

Plandemic or no-plandemic…

Empty shelves or full-shelves…

Producing your food at home boosts your health and your immunity… 

It increases your sense of security… 

And gives you something exciting and satisfying(!) to share with your friends, your family, your kids or neighbors. 

Right? Right.

OK, now let’s talk food.

Food Crisis #1: 

Big Ag’s Big Deception & Our Hijacked Brains 

Long before the coronavirus killed “normal” and changed our entire way of life… 

There was a A LOT of groundwork laid set us up for a food system disaster.

See, 100 years ago, you couldn’t pay someone to eat canned food. 

People were literally terrified of canned food.

That’s because people were accustomed to either:

1. growing it themselves in their garden 
2. trading/bartering food items with a neighbor


3. going to a market, meeting with a friendly face who grew or raised the food, thereby ensuring immaculate quality of the food.

And then…

Until “Big Ag” Came Along & Hijacked Our Brains

Here’s what I mean…

Get a load of this Libby’s advertisement from roughly 100 years ago.

It shows the peaches falling into the can off the tree. 

It’s saying: 

“See, it’s just like the real thing from the orchard”. 

“It’s the S-A-M-E thing. It’s S-A-F-E for you to eat.”

Again, with the corn and peas advertisement here:

“Reach for Libby’s and get the best in the garden!”

They had to reassure people – the food inside this can IS real food!

Because people were EXTREMELY skeptical…

And they remained skeptical for decades.

These types of ad campaigns were necessary to get Americans to change their habits… this took decades of persistent ads..

Finally, Americans changed their buying and eating habits…


Slowly, the world switched from locally grown… to mass distribution food.

And behold…

Today, everything comes in cans… 

Everything comes from God knows where…

Everything is “grown” far far away from where it’s consumed.

Nobody stores or saves any food.

Why would you? It’s all “on-demand”.

But, sure enough, when the world goes into lockdown… 

The crops don’t get picked.

The trucks don’t run, and… 

The Shelves Go Bare…
Within Hours! 

How safe and secure does this make you feel?

Personally, I don’t trust it. Then again, I always knew this was coming.

Point is… 

First, Big Ag had to shift our psychology to create the destructive,distribution-dependent food system we are addicted to today…

First, they had to make us comfortable with the idea of our food coming from some far away unknown place.

Because around 100 years ago…

People had a DEEP connection with food.

They could TOUCH the food. 

SEE it growing. 

KNEW who grew it.

And they often grew or harvested it themselves.

In my opinion, our ancestors were very wise to be wary of long-distance food relationships… 

Because it took literal decades of mass marketing from packaged food companies to get people to change their beliefs, change their buying behavior, and finally buy foods distributed over loooong distances.
And now, we desperately need to un-brainwashourselves and change our mindset BACK to a sane way of producing food.

Otherwise, we’ll just get more of this…

(this is a lab rat, full of cancerous tumors… 90~ days after eating GMO corn)

And we’ll get more of this…

Today, people think food comes from farms and ONLY farms.

We’ve been trained to believe, food comes from “out there somewhere”.

Somewhere far, far away that requires a semi-truck and fossil fuels to get the food from point of production to point of consumption.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

And for most of human history… it never did.

For thousands of years, it looked like this…

For thousands of years, food always came from as close as possible to its point of consumption. 

It was just plain logic!

As you know, it’s my mission to get us back to these “Old Ways”. 

As you know by now…

It’s my personal MISSION to help resurrect and SPREAD the wisdom of these old ways… And how ancient people and indigenous cultures produced massive loads of food, with zero effort.

But first… 

Let’s get real about why NOW it’s suddenly more important than ever to bring food production back into our own hands.

Food Crisis #2:

“Rona” Related Supply Shocks  

If you thought our industrial food system was scary before “The Rona” (coronavirus) came to town… 

Boy, are you in for some surprises.

Now, I will preface what I’m about to show you with this…
I honestly DO NOT KNOW how bad things could get with food.

We are seeing food shortages in developing nations…

And it’s not just mainstream media narratives…

I got this email from a subscriber in Nigeria recently.

Turns out, they now have miles long locust swarms since biblical record.


Needless to say, I sent him all my trainings, free of charge.

Anyway, here’s what (supposedly) reputable sources are saying about the shifts ahead in our food supply…

Supply Chain Shock #1

Major Producers On Lockdown… Forever?

Major food exporting nations seem to have adopted a “take care of our own” policy. 

Places like…


India locked down the entire country.

Their food prices have risen nearly 10%…

The Indian government has halted ALL rice exports. They need to make sure they can feed their own 1,379,233,699 population first.

India is responsible for 33% of the world’s rice. 

So, now ⅓ of the world’s biggest staple crop just vanished off the market.

Of course, even I read that headline and thought:

“Oh sure, but that won’t affect ME…”
Then I went to the grocery store literally 1 hour after reading that… to find all the rice… totally out of stock.

Honduras & Guatemala

These major producers of coffee and other staple crops like bananas have all but shut down their ports. Their curfews are also reducing production significantly.


Ports in the Philippines, through which much of the world’s rice is shipped, are shut down.
TIME Magazine published this article, discussing how this actually has nothing to do with food supply, as harvests have been great. It’s a distribution issue, like I keep saying.

No one is sure how long these will last, but experts agree the effects on supply and price will last years, not months.

Bottom line?

If you’re dependent on food grown anywhere except your own yard, you are at the mercy of supply shocks and price increases.

You have ZERO control over that.

Compare that to how amazing it would feel to have an abundant harvest of vegetables, nuts, root crops, and other high-calorie foods from your yard… 
You have 100% control over that.

Next, let’s cover…

Supply Chain Shock #2

Farmers Go Bankrupt And Throw Away Food?

Get this.

Even though we have people starving in some areas of the world…


Wisconsin: Dairy farmers are dumping3.7 million gallons of milk down the drain per day.

Florida: vegetable growers are plowing under millions of pounds of vegetables.

Mississippi: Chicken farmers are breaking hundreds of thousands of chicken-hatching eggs, rather than raising the chicks for meat. 
That’s because restaurants saw a 95% drop in business and stopped ordering food. Many restaurants will go bankrupt and never reopen.

With restaurant demand vanishing, many farmers will struggle to stay afloat. Many will go into bankruptcy.

The Florida tomato farmer interviewed in the CBS News article above says:

“I’m just a small farm compared to some and I probably have in the neighborhood of 60,000 to 70,000 boxes that I’ll leave in the field,”

Sure enough, American Farm Bureau Federation said farm bankruptcies are

up 23% this year already, thanks to the plandemic.

Because of the sheer complexity…

We are seeing a total failure and collapse of this destructive,distribution-dependent food system.

I say “good riddance!” however, we need something better to replace it. 

OK, let’s cover possibly the most glaring supply shock yet…

Supply Chain Shock #3

Record Breaking Unemployment

46 million Americans are unemployed at the time I’m writing this.


According to a Forbes article, the unemployment rate is already HIGHER than that of the Great Depression.

Oh, and over 106 million loans are in forbearance (not making payments) totaling over $100B.
What does this mean for food?

Well, as you know, most Americans have less than $500 saved for emergencies. 

Which is crazy because apparently even Americans at “poverty level” spend 50% of their income on “luxury items”. 

I guess Starbucks Frappucinnos are more important than saving $ for a rainy day… or a plandemic day?

I digress. Anyway…

Millions of Americans are tapping their local food banks for assistance.

In fact, there’s been so much demand for food assistance, food banks are getting overwhelmed and closing their doors.

Here’s what some food bank administrators said in the above article:

Here’s what some food bank administrators said in the above article:

Aside from raising money, there are lingering concerns on where the food will come from in the near future. 

Chubbs is worried about “what this is going to look like 45 to 60 days from now, when we are all — not just the retail grocers but all 200 food banks in the country — trying to procure food from the same vendors.”

If those vendors cease to exist, this would add another yet another major hurdle. 

OK there you have it…

Our food system is in a huge mess and to say things are uncertain would be an understatement…

Again, I HAVE NO IDEA how bad this is going to get…

I have no idea if you’ll see food shortages or legit hunger in your area.

I honestly do not know if this will get worse… or better…

But Ya Know What?

WHY ON EARTH would I put myself into such a vulnerable position?! 

Why would YOU leave your food security to chance?

Especially if it’s completely unnecessary.

Especially because there is a simple solution to this food disaster.

It’s a solution that was actually developed 5,000+ years ago…

… and it’s been forced into the shadows by our destructive, transportation-based food system.

Now, it’s time we resurrect the old ways and take food production BACK where it belongs….

Your house!

If you have access to the Revolution Garden Training Materials, crack that baby open! 

It’s time to get growing!

If you haven’t got set up yet, you can always check out the Revolution Garden Complete Kits here.

Keep in mind, thanks to good-ole “Rona” I’ve had a heckofa time sourcing materials for these kits, so I’m honestly not sure how long we can keep offering them.

I think that will change in the next year, but for now, supplies are strictly limited.

Grab your kit now if you’re not set up already. 

Let’s grow!


James Fry

James Fry, Founder, GrowEverywhere.com
Empty Shelves… Here To Stay?

December 15, 2020

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Hi, I'm James! Here you can find resources and inspiration to help you grow your own REAL food with LESS time, money, and effort than you thought possible.


Here at GrowEverywhere.com you can find resources and inspiration to help you grow your own REAL food with LESS time, money, and effort than you thought possible.