The Great “Organic” Food Hoax

Americans have had the wool pulled over their eyes by food industry for the last 120 years…

But hey, it was easy to do considering that America is such a “bandaid” culture.

We love to cover up our problems with surface-level solutions (bandaids) instead of digging down and healing them at the ROOT.

Classic example: organic food.

“Oh no! Regular food is soaked in toxic chemicals! What ever will we do?”

“Never fear children, the USDA is here with our Organic Label (it’s a tiny little bandaid for vegetables).”

Yay! Now we can shop at Whole Foods and pretend everything is A-OK. Whew!


Yes, thanks to Canadian media (as if anything like this would ever be allowed in American mainstream news) we now know that 50% of produce labeled organic and sold in America is contaminated with harmful levels pesticides that exceed USDA and EPA regulations.

Yup, you’re paying double to eat pesticides anyway.

If you want more proof, check out this document published by the USDA (the folks who run the organic program).


Sure enough, on page 6 (highlighted below in yellow) it clearly states:

So… Why Are Certified Organic Foods Covered in Cancer Causing Pesticides?

It’s simple how it works, really…

It’s called Pesticide Overspray.

1. First, a big monoculture Monsatano-style farm sprays their crops with cancer causing pesticides.

And yes, for any Monsatano funded trolls reading this, there is overwhelming scientific proof that pesticides do cause cancer.

2. Next, the wind picks up the pesticides and blows them around…

3. The Pesticides land on organic farms, contaminating the crops.

NOTE: Typically organic family farms are run by hardworking, dirt-loving stewards of the Earth who try their darndest to produce quality food… but Pesticide Overspray contaminates their crops.

Organic farmers are NOT at fault.

What’s most concerning is that people don’t know this is happening (and that’s why I’m writing this article).

The wool has been pulled over our eyes.

We’re led to believe organic food is safe

But it’s not.

I call it The Great “Organic” Food Hoax.

Organic label produce is no different than conventional produce because it STILL has pesticides on it.

LOL Seriously? The USDA Straight Up Allows Pesticide Produce to be Sold as “Organic”…

Of course, the USDA knows that pesticide overspray is unavoidable and impossible to control.

Get a load of this…

This is an excerpt from the USDA report featured above:

“The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) establishes the maximum allowed levels of pesticides, or EPA tolerances, which may be present on foods. Although most EPA-registered pesticides are prohibited in organic production, there can be inadvertent or indirect contact from neighboring conventional farms or shared handling facilities.

As long as the operator hasn’t directly applied prohibited pesticides and has documented efforts to minimize exposure to them, the USDA organic regulations allow residues of prohibited pesticides up to 5 percent of the EPA tolerance.

No doubt, it’s gotta be tough to control pesticide overspray in a country where 95% of all farmland gets sprayed with pesticides and 1 billion pounds of pesticides per year are applied…

But that does not make it OK…

Pesticides are extremely dangerous, even in extremely low-level doses.

Similar to radioactive molecules, pesticide chemicals can actually become more dangerous as they break down.

This study from UCLA concluded that 11 commonly used pesticides increase the risk of Parkinson’s disease by 80% even in very low concentrations.

PERSONAL NOTE: I have a close friend who suffers from early stage Parkinson’s disease. This friend struggles to function normally every day… I kills me to imagine what will happen as the disease progresses.

So… I just popped your organic bubble.

Now, how can you eliminate toxic pesticides from your food supply?

Can you avoid being contaminated by these lethal poisons?

Answer: YES

The Solution That Heals Pesticide Contamination at the Root

But it will involve a shift in behavior and mindset.

No longer can you regard the grocery store as a place for safe food.

Instead, you have to step up and take 100% responsibility for your food.

You have to take Extreme Ownership of your food.

By growing it yourself.

Sure, growing all of it yourself on day 1 is a tall order.

But you have to start somewhere.

Even growing some of your own nutrient-dense food will help keep your body free of carcinogenic pesticides and agro-toxins.

Practical Action Steps to Pesticide Free Living

Step 1: If you don’t have a garden yet. Start one. A simple 2 foot by 2 foot wood on your patio will do. Or try container gardening.

Step 2: If you have a single family home with a backyard, learn about Backyard Homesteading.

You can produce enough food for a family of 4 (or more) on ¼ acre.

You can produce even more than that if you use some of the methods like The Revolution Garden I’ve developed and share here on Planet Grow Everywhere.

Look how fast it grows:

For ALL the details on The Revolution Garden, watch this short video clip now:

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Step 3: Form relationships with other gardeners, market gardeners, and farmers in your area.

How? Visit the farmers market and talk to people selling things.

These people WANT your business and you WANT their fresh food.

My favorite part about this is that you can trade and barter goods or services, thereby cutting out Federal Reserve Dollars (an instant 50% savings because you’re not paying any taxes on the transaction).

Look for sellers who are growing in greenhouses and located in areas away from conventional farms where pesticides are applied.

Your Best Bet to Eliminate Pesticides…

However, the best way to eliminate pesticides from your diet is to grow it yourself at home. You’ll know for a fact it’s clean.

There’s nothing more satisfying that growing your own clean, nutrient-dense produce and sharing it with your family and friends.

As always, keep growing

The Great “Organic” Food Hoax

January 31, 2018

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