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By: James Fry
March 4, 2012

Welcome to Grow Everywhere! Here our mission is to harvest the inspiration of successful home gardeners and inspire people all over the globe so they too can grow their own food at home. Our goal is to show that sustainable gardening can be easy and fun by providing step by step instructions on gardening topics and by showing empowering examples that show how anyone can do it under almost any circumstance! We aim to become the premier gardening blog on the web by attracting a vibrant community of home gardeners, sustainable farmers, and homesteaders. Our vision is that of a nation-wide culture of individuals that excel at growing their own food and in doing so take pleasure in finding the truth, that we are all stewards of the earth.

In this day and age we are constantly watching out for our own health and the health of our families. A simple trip to the grocery store becomes an even more daunting task each time we hear about a new pesticide or pathogen outbreak in a particular food product. More and more people are starting to become aware of the fact that the way our nation produces food is not sustainable, safe, or healthy in the long term. Thus, we are experiencing a strong movement in the area of sustainable gardening and farming practices. It’s a revolution and a rebellion against the status quo of mass produced meat and mono-crop cultured fruits and vegetables.
More and more of us are realizing the importance and the value of using local products and services and eating locally produced food. It is rather ironic that in ancient times everything was local by default. In our modern world, we have become so obsessed with economic specialization and competitive advantage that we don’t even care if our food is produced thousands of miles away, we only care about getting the lowest price possible on that food. It seems that we are coming full circle and slowly moving back to the ways of old and reverting to a locally based economy. In doing so, we are not only finding that it works more efficiently and makes more economic sense, but it is also a healthier choice for ourselves and our planet.
Grow Everywhere is dedicated to promoting sustainability and agricultural self sufficiency for everyone regardless of living situations.

Welcome to Grow Everywhere

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Grow Everywhere

  1. Thanks James,
    I have been growing in containers for years very successfully, http://www.wwwrench.us, in the high desert.
    But had a common problem of not getting enough oxygen in container, and then getting methane build up or having to loose so much water in open bottom containers. My solution became to plug my containers drain hole and flood the container to drive and the anarobic gasses and then draw oxygen in by draining the containers loosing water and nutrients. The same thing happens with wicking pots and tubs as well.
    I purchased your materials and your method is awesome it saves water and nutrients, and breathes the soil the same way nature does, but even better. And your other tip are amazing and awesome. I have grown through the whole year using clear drum liners and cheep tomato cages to greenhouse my containers. Check it out at http://www.wwwrench.us
    Many thanks

  2. Hi James
    Can you please update me on any current offer of your Revolution Garden Mastery Manual?

  3. Please tell me that the resource: http://www.pubmed.ncbi.nih.gov facts that it wrote about Grow Everywhere using “comfrey” in your special tiny green monster soil is not true because it describes comfrey can lead to severe liver & lung damage, cancer, death & mutagenicity. as comfrey is used in your organic soil…
    thank you very much JAMES FRY.

    1. This refers to comfrey consumed by humans. It is not intended for direct consumption.
      It goes into the soil where it is broken down by microbes and the constituents made available to other plants.
      This is how all processes in Nature work. Break down. Rebuild. Over and over again.

      You don’t eat manure, but farmers put it on their soil. Right? Same thing.

  4. James fry thank you so much for your knowledge of manure it’s important to know what our agriculture is getting saturated with like that nasty MGo stuff, cause we could ‘tank’ if we don’t research the good stuff with the bad stuff, like the wheat & the tares
    So, when we do eat too much of the terrible saturated stuff then can you or someone you know grow a tree like this, though I’m sure the weather has to be just right to grow a tree like this; appreciate input,
    ‘The Palo Santos Tree’ grown on the coast of South America; called ‘holy wood’, amazing tree.

    Lorna Reynolds

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March 4, 2012

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Hi, I'm James! Here you can find resources and inspiration to help you grow your own REAL food with LESS time, money, and effort than you thought possible.


Here at GrowEverywhere.com you can find resources and inspiration to help you grow your own REAL food with LESS time, money, and effort than you thought possible.