The Dirt on America’s Disease Epidemic – Where Did All The Nutrients Go?

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The food you eat today is half as nutritious than what your grandparents ate.

That shiny red pepper you buy at the store sure LOOKS delicious, right?

Yeah, well there’s nothing in it.

The store-bought vegetables you eat are empty… Devoid of nutrients.

(yes, even the ones you pay double for at Whole Foods my darlings)

There’s almost no point in eating it.

So, WHY is this a problem?

HOW did we let this happen?

Allow me to explain…

I’m amazed by just how little the average Modernized Humanoid Cyborg (MHC) understands about Earth and it’s connection to their primitive human body.

Sooo, to explain what I consider common sense, I’ll use simple diagrams so any goldfish-attention-spanned millennial can understand in 8 seconds or less.

But first, let’s cover the pre-reqs, shall we?

“C’mon James, Who Needs Nutrients Anyway?”

Many Americans seem to think if they eat enough cheetos to fill their hungry belly, they might get lucky and live to 100 (unless they get hit by a bus while texting).

Because remember: as modern humans whose technology solves everything for them, the sole purpose of eating is to satisfy hunger.

After all, your body is just like a car that goes vroom vroom! The engine just needs fuel when the tank runs empty.

And, that is why The Colonel in all his glory bestowed $5 Fill Ups upon us!

Sorry folks, it doesn’t work that way…

Here’s how it does work:

Your cells require a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fats to replicate properly.

Your DNA needs these vital building blocks to replicate, rebuild, and repair itself. If the DNA becomes weak and breaks (from lack of nutrients or exposure to a toxic pesticide) it produces mutant cells.

DNA mutations cause cancer and other diseases.

(for more nerdy details, checkout this dense-ass-scientific article.)

It’s simple… as the nutrients in soil and food disappear, our levels of disease skyrocket.

This chart shows the correlation between available nutrients in soil/food and increase of diseases caused by mineral deficiency.

Newsflash: 2,500 Americans are dying of cancer PER DAY.

That’s almost the number of people who were killed on 9/11… except they’re dying every single damn day people!

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that as we give our bodies LESS of what they’ve needed over the last several eons, we F ourselves up.

But, as Dr. Linus Pauling (two-time Nobel Prize winner) said…

“You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”

The cause of our health problems is stupidly simple – and yet the “we’re finding a cure for cancer” foundations trick you into donating your hard earned money to their futile research.

The cure to our cancer epidemic is to eat nutrient-dense foods without carcinogenic pesticides.

Boom. Solved. Please send the Nobel Prize to the address listed below. We can skip the award ceremony. Thanks.

Now, you might be wondering WHERE did all the nutrients go?

How do we get those nutrients BACK into our soil and into our food?

Where’d All Them Nutrients Go Anyway??

Feast your eyes on this chart from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The death of soil is a well known fact, heavily researched and documented by the USDA since the 1930s as evidenced by this 1936 article published by the US Senate.


Well looky there… minerals in soil are disappearing.

But where are they going?

Again, the answer is embarrassingly simple:

Step 1: Farmers grow crops.

Step 2: Crops are shipped to the city (right after they’re picked early and sprayed with argon gas to ripen).

Step 3: City slickers spend bookoo bucks on these crops and eat them.

Step 4: City slickers digest and excrete the crops in the form of poop.

Step 5: The poop floats away to a waste treatment plant via modern day plumbing

Step 6a: The poop water is then blasted with chemicals, the water is separated out, and the poop sludge gets dumped into a landfill.

Step 6b: The poop water is flushed into a river, lake, or ocean.

Step 7: The undigested minerals and nutrients NEVER make it back to the farm where they originated.

This is a classic example of the broken cycles of the modern world that destroy our planet and our health.

We forget that Earth is a living, breathing organism that regenerates itself and that WE play a critical role in keeping Earth’s natural cycles intact.

PROBLEM: All that poop FULL of undigested minerals and nutrients is NOT making it back to the farm where the food originally came from.

The “Simple as Shit in a Bucket” Solution

For some reason, our advanced technological society just couldn’t figure out how to not drink the SAME water we poop in…

Yes, the water you crap in gets “treated” with loads of chemicals and then pumped back to your faucet for you to drink and bathe in.


Here’s what we should be doing instead:

Step 1: Shit in a 5 gallon bucket and cover your dung with wood shavings.

Remarkably, this smells 10x less than when you air drop human excrement into a giant bowl of water. Go figure.

Step 2: Toss it in a pile outside and let it compost for 2~ years (killing all the scary pathogens that supposedly live in it).

Step 3: Use it to grow amazing vegetables in your garden.

Step 4: Eat the vegetables and enjoy vibrant health without cancer or fatal, life-limiting disease.

Again, see below for my address to send the Nobel Prize. Thanks.

For more detail, you can buy a copy of The Humanure Handbook by Joseph C. Jenkins which has sold 60,000+ copies despite the fact that every book publisher on Earth refused to publish it because the topic is “gross”.

Sigh… But hey, what can you expect from squeamish Modernized Humanoid Cyborgs who think cheese comes from plants and girls don’t poop?

The Dirt on America’s Disease Epidemic – Where Did All The Nutrients Go?

15 thoughts on “The Dirt on America’s Disease Epidemic – Where Did All The Nutrients Go?

  1. Hi James,

    Great Rant! 🙂

    Another missing link in getting minerals back in the soil is that as little as 50 years ago it was common practice for farmers/ growers to let pigs “roto-till” their left-over plant material and vegetables while at the same time excreting in the growing area. Cows would also do this to a lesser extent as well.

  2. Hi James,
    Thank you for your rant!! My sentiments exactly! I practiced all this for a while about a year ago, living alone on 2nd floor, gardening on the roof, making my own soil, it worked for a while. But it caused the roof to leak in the hall below, so I had to stop.

    1. You’re welcome Frances!

      Ah yes… rooftop gardens are awesome but they can cause leaking and structural issues if you’re not careful. I’m working on a rooftop garden for a client in Egypt and we’re doing a hydroponic system with NFT trays (very light weight and totally contained) 🙂 Keep growing!

  3. Thanks for the rant. I’m a girl and yes, I do poop, lol. Oh, and I also bait my own fish hooks and taught my city slicker husband how to fish. My dad, thought us girls should know some survival skills. Which, taught us a lot on respecting what nature has to give us, whether wild game or a nice juicy tomato out of the garden on a warm sunny day. We grew up around guns and didn’t shoot anybody. We put some of the neighbor’s cow poop on our garden and lived through it. Well, the neighbors put in on, just backed the shit spreader up and let it fly. Happy gardening.

  4. I buy nothing but nonGMO and I don’t even trust that. You have to grow your own. People have to learn to read the f’n labels. ie sugar, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, modified starch….it’s all f’n poison…now, cooking oil, do your home work. coconut is about the best. stay away from carbs. Use fat insted

  5. Hey James! I really liked what you wrote. Do you mind if I write a paper about it for my homeschool? I think it’s an important issue to discuss.

    I would like to ask if you would also recommend aquaponics for very very small gardens. I don’t think my mom would like the idea of placing dung in a flower pot. It would be silly. We have a very limited space for composting.

    How about dog manure? Will that also give the same results?

    Thanks. Hope you see my questions.

    1. Hey Cysha,

      Glad you liked it, YES please do!

      I don’t recommend aquaponics for small implementations (these days I actually only recommend it for farm scale, there’s something else I recommend for homescale growing).

      Very very small though I’d recommend container gardening and soon I’ll be releasing info showing the most effective way to do it.

      You can absolutely compost dog waste and the best way to do that is with a simple worm farm. You can still make good soil with dog manure.

  6. James did anybody tell you that “you’re full of SHIT”
    I just love it. Or maybe you are just too cynical . (LOL). Don’t worry buddy I feel the same way. I have been composting for years. I use anything I can find. No GMO seeds for me. I get all of my stuff from Baker Creek, which in nonhybrid. Now I am looking for solutions for pest control and weed control. I enjoy your blogs and news letters

    1. Thanks John! Yes, I am full of shit. Hot, steaming, soon to be the best black gold fertilizer any garden’s ever seen 😉

      I’ve accepted the fact that most people regard me as the weirdest MF person they’ve ever met. Took me about 30 years to realize I’m Encino man who woke up in a crazy modern world.

      Keep growing!!

  7. Hey all of you. Get out of the northern hemisphere and most food issues are gone. I moved from the upper Midwest of the US to Ecuador and bought a farm that has always been organic. With groundwater being polluted, the air is polluted the neighbor puts chemicals on his yard and garden you can’t win. Walk away and save your life. Move to South America is the best advice you will get from this page

    1. Hey Ed,

      Thanks for your comment here.

      I agree 100% with you for people who are free to move about the world freely. The levels of toxins in North America are absurd. I spent a lot of time in Brazil and almost ended up there. There are some permaculture projects down there where I volunteer and everything is abundant and pristine.

      However, I want to address that many people do not have the option of leaving the country. Perhaps a disease, disability, or non-intact family could prevent people from moving. It does for me.

      I have a non-intact family. My son is 3 years old and I can’t leave him behind, nor can I take him with me. If it weren’t for him I would be in Brazil, no question about it.

      For the rest of us, we have to be militant about our health to eliminate pesticide exposure and diligently cleanse the body as well. Yes, much easier to do in South America. Here it’s a battle and we have to fight it.

  8. Hi everyone,
    I resonate with all you said James, and for that reason I am so grateful that I got in on your class.
    I`m a bit slow getting started but am beginning to enjoy the produce.
    I am having a problem with my account. Would you check to see if it can be fixed? I would like to be able to order. Thank you

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